42 New Priests for the Traditional Movement

42 New Priests for the Traditional Movement

Written by  Michael Matt | Editor – 6/30/18

42 New Priests for the Traditional Movement

GuildofBlessedTitus crunched the numbers and discovered the trad movement is gaining at least 42 new priests this summer:

The break down is as follows:

Society of Saint Pius X:   16

Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter:   16

Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest:   6

Institute of the Good Shepherd:  4


REMNANT COMMENT: At this moment, when so many of us are disheartened and even fearful for the future of the Church and of our children and even our own final perseverance, it is understandable that we might be tempted to find reason to lash out at this report because not all of these new young priests hail from the society, fraternity or institute ofwhich we personally approve or support.

But I wonder if it might not still be possible for all of us to take a moment to reconsider this and to instead offer a word of thanks to Almighty God that, regardless of the affiliation of these young men, they nevertheless have managed to hear and answer His call to the holy priesthood and to the celebration and promotion of the Traditional Latin Mass.

Let’s try to not lose sight of the fact that it is because of the solid prayer life of these new priests as well as their careful attention to their vocations in life–it is because of this that tens of thousands of young people and thousands of families over the next fifty years will have access to the traditional Sacraments of the Church, to orthodox catechetical formation, to weekly confession, to daily Mass–the Mass of the Saints and Martyrs, the ‘most beautiful thing this side of heaven’–and to the authentic Catholic parish life.

In cooperation with God’s grace, think of what that means to so many thousands of would-be lost souls who will now have access to the spiritual means that help us all to fulfill the reason God gave us life in the first place–to know, love and serve Him in this life so that we can be happy with Him forever in the next.  Nothing is of greater import to souls than this. Nothing will do more for the common good of our society than this.

God in His mercy and in His good time will help us all to overcome the divisions that exist between us–divisions that admittedly are not insignificant.  But regardless of the post-Vatican II turmoil in the world today and the accompanying doubt and loss of faith, it was nevertheless His voice that each and every one of these young men heard at some point over the past decade–even despite the unrest, the apostasy, the rebellion, the weeping and gnashing of teeth in the Christophobic modern world.

In this year of Our Lord 2018, somehow in God’s providence, 42 young men decided to shut out the noise of war, revolution and temptation all around them, in order to make quiet commitment to give the rest of their lives to God’s service and to the service of the Church– which is to say the service of us all.  No wives. No children. No glamorous careers. No piles of money.  Just service to souls.

If we cannot find it in our hearts to celebrate this happy reality–that somehow these young men made it through the storms of doubt and uncertainty and temptation…that somehow their mothers raised them with enough faith, hope and love to shut it all out and to answer the call to the Holy Priesthood–if we cannot celebrate this, then perhaps we’re losing focus on the point and purpose of our movement and indeed the point and purpose of why God put us on this earth in the first place.

new priests

May God bless and keep these young men; may He help us all to take comfort from their young example of commitment to His service; may He show us how to understand what He wants of us and even where He wants us to be.  And may He never abandon us by leaving us spiritual orphans in a world without Catholic priests, without the alter Christus, the knights of Our Lady, the servants of the altar of sacrifice.

We thank God for these young priests, we congratulate them, and we ask them to pray for us all that our faith will not fail us just as theirs has obviously not failed them.  Tu es Sacerdos in aeternum secundum ordinem Melchisedech.

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8 comments on “42 New Priests for the Traditional Movement

  1. Michael,

    We are not interested in your double standards or your “Trad ecumenism’ . The liberal Conservatism that these indult communities represent are part of the problem. They accept in essence the Council and the Novus Ordo Missae and the conciliar reforms, but want a little smell and bells in return for their betrayal.

    How are they not essentially part of the problem? A few steps behind the revolution, but nevertheless still behind the revolution!

  2. Hate to state the obvious, but mocking the truth doesn’t change it. The empty Liberal Catholicism of the 1950’s is what brought us to the empty religion of 2018.

  3. Seems like a prudent call for calm order, prayer, and sacrifice:

  4. Excellent article, and most wise words from Fr. Yves le Roux.

  5. From Fr. Le Roux’s letter:
    “When the current crisis threatens to engulf us in its whirlwind, it is indeed necessary to combat it in an orderly manner, by resorting to principles and, particularly, by respecting the supreme rule of paternity, which is the keystone of any society.”
    In scholastic/Thomistic thinking, a society is a permanent union of a number of people for a common purpose of mutual benefit to all.
    Therefore, the deepest principle and supreme rule in any society is the purpose for which it was founded. For example, the Church’s purpose is the salvation of souls, and this is also Her supreme rule: Salus animarum est suprema lex (the salvation of souls is the supreme rule). This — not paternity — is both the unifying and even the defining principle. Of course, no society can direct itself to fulfilling its purpose without an authority to do the directing, and since all authority is paternal, it can indeed be said that paternity is the keystone of any society — but it is never the supreme rule.
    The purpose of a society is much more important than the authority that runs it. It should be remembered that if the keystone is broken, the whole edifice falls; if the authority is deviating from the society’s purpose, the authority becomes not only useless but dangerous to the purpose, and will eventually destroy the society itself.
    If the purpose is kept in view, a society will survive, even with otherwise bad leaders.
    A society exists for its purpose, not for the authorities charged with directing it to that end. For instance, Pope Francis exists to direct the Church to its purpose of saving souls; the Church doesn’t exist for the purpose of serving as Pope Francis’ Mad Modernist Science lab.
    Similarly, the SSPX authorities exist to serve the goal of forming holy and doctrinally upright priests, not Liberal ones. Nor does the SSPX exist to provide its authorities with a lot of blind hero worshippers.
    “Let us pray for the priests, so that they may keep their place, living in obedience, without assuming powers that do not belong to them, particularly that of passing wholesale judgment about everything. Let us pray that, on the contrary, they develop an intense priestly life consisting of fidelity to prayer, renouncement and dedication to the service of souls.”
    Living in obedience? Absolutely. But is your idea of obedience blind? Does it exclude rational, legitimate criticism of the policy or acts of the authorities? If so, that is not Catholic obedience, but superstitious and false belief in an infallibility that the authorities don’t have. Is it impossible to have an intensely priestly life unless one is a blind robotic functionary?
    “Let us hope that, for their part, the faithful strengthen their prayer life and that they do not omit to say a daily prayer for our upcoming Chapter.”
    I respectfully suggest you are asking far too little of us. The title of your letter is: A Watershed Moment. That title is right on the money, for that is exactly what this GC is.
    “Let us hope that they listen to the message of Our Lady of Fatima regarding the necessity of doing penance by fidelity to the duty of state. Let us pray that they also develop a spirit of devotion towards their priests and their parishes.”
    Well said — provided that the devotion is not blind and superstitious, but realist and virile.
    “Let us pray for the grace to avoid the imbalance of which we have spoken, to avoid abuses and insults, to avoid rash judgment of intentions and the formation of parties.”
    There will ALWAYS be parties in any society, because men will always have intellect and free will, and will thus disagree at times. Arb. Lefebvre was not spared parties and factions, why should his successors be, especially in these confusing times? It would seem that an absence of factions occurs only when intellect and free will are also absent.
    Avoid rash judgment of intentions? Absolutely — and some of us need to work on that, including yours truly.
    But are simple, civilly expressed (even if strongly worded) disagreements to be considered abuses or insults?
    If so, you aren’t finding things insulting; they are finding you ready to be insulted…without cause.
    Thus far my “wholesale judgment about everything”.
    It’s not that I or others necessarily think we always have a better idea, or that it’s our job to correct SSPX authorities.
    It’s about serving those authorities by giving them some food for thought, and an opportunity to examine their consciences.
    If they resent all criticisms simply because they are criticisms, they show themselves to be more interested in serving themselves and their high opinion of themselves rather than the truth. And they will become insular; a law and justification unto themselves — like all other Liberals.
    And thus they would prove their critics right.

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