Justice Kennedy Resigns Edition! (Your Catholic Week in Review)

Justice Kennedy Resigns Edition! (Your Catholic Week in Review)

Michael Hichborn – 6/30/18

Back in 1989, it was Justice Anthony Kennedy who sided with the majority decision in Planned Parenthood vs Casey so as not to be remembered in history as the man who ended Roe v. Wade.  

Now after almost three decades and 32 million lives destroyed… Kennedy will now rightly (and sadly) be remembered as the man who did not end Roe tyranny in America.

32 million little hearts.  32 million little bones.  All broken and sold by the likes of Planned Parenthood in the name of research.

Moments ago, President Trump announced that he plans to select a new U.S. Supreme Court nominee on July 9th — with two of his five finalists being women, and all of them being vetted by the Scalia-friendly Federalist Society.

From the perspective of the Lepanto Institute, the departure of Justice Kennedy is a relief of a sort.  32 million souls have been snuffed out thanks to the immoal decision-making of this one man.  Certainly a new pro-life and pro-family justice will help a great deal… provided Americans are willing to take back what has been stolen from us as a community.

Yet are we ready for it?  Mass attendance — though slightly higher among youth — is down nationwide.  As we saw at the AUSCP conference in New Mexico, there is a fast-moving fifth column within the Catholic Church willing to make compromise with the homosexual “Velvet Mafia” while bending to the culture of death.  Rather than a restoration of family, there is an openly heretical movement that seeks to transgender the Catholic Faith… turning the Magisterium into something with all the forms but none of the substance.

The same is true for politics.  Without a spiritual restoration, gains on the bench and in Washington will be short lived.  True, they will be gains — I’m among the first who are glad to see Kennedy retire — but for how long?

This is why the Real Presence matters such a great deal, and why our bishops need to be shepherds rather than politicians.  It is why our priests need to be custodians rather than innovators.  Most of all, it is why we as a laity need to be faithful as well as humble, not to our own desires, but to Christ and the Deposit of Faith.

Let us hope and pray that President Trump appoints someone to the U.S. Supreme Court willing to defend life, family and marriage in the coming weeks.  My fear is that Antifa and mob violence will be the strategy employed the most during the summer… and God help us all if our enemies succeed.

My trip to Albuquerque to observe the 2018 Assembly of the Association of US Catholic Priests (AUSCP) was… interesting to say the least.  

Just in case anyone is wondering precisely how bad things really are with this group of heretics and what their agenda might be, this image holds but a small portion of what I saw there …

Yes — it was that bad.

What is worse is that it was practically a collection of misfit toys: Future Church (heretics), Dignity USA (pro-sodomy), and New Ways Ministry (actually condemned by the Vatican and the USCCB) were all loud and proud at this event.

Just in case you are wondering whether or not the AUSCP is some sort of fringe organization, nothing could be further from the truth.  AUSCP has a presence in virtually every diocese in America, unbeknownst to most bishops but definitely known to Archbishop John Charles Wester who hosted this anti-Church event.  While I was there, the AUSCP had hotel management make sure I was nowhere near the outdoor Mass they had, celebrated by Abp. Wester.  However, they weren’t able to keep me away from the speech delivered by the heretical Fr. Richard Rohr, which I recorded and reported here.

Lepanto will have a full report out on the AUSCP’s activities over the coming weeks, including their financiers and possible next steps.

Some other headlines you may have missed:

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