USCCCP upset by SCOTUS decisions affirming Trump or Trump-favored policies

USCCCP upset by SCOTUS decisions affirming Trump or Trump-favored policies

From Catholic World News:

6/28/18 – Bishops ‘disappointed’ by Supreme Court’s travel-ban decision 

“The travel ban targets Muslims for exclusion, which goes against our country’s core principle of neutrality when it comes to people of faith,” said the chairmen of two USCCB committees. “We are disappointed in the Court’s ruling because it failed to take into account the clear and unlawful targeting of a specific religious group by the government.”

6/29/18 – Bishop criticizes Supreme Court decision on public-sector unions 

In Janus v. AFSCME, the Court ruled that “states and public-sector unions may no longer extract agency fees from nonconsenting employees.” Bishop Frank Dewane of Venice (FL), chairman of the US bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, said that the decision “threatens to limit the freedom or negotiating capacity of labor unions.”

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3 comments on “USCCCP upset by SCOTUS decisions affirming Trump or Trump-favored policies

  1. This recent court decision is not as beneficial to non union members as one might immagine. Unions and the leftist Democrats have over so many years, have developed a kind of symbiotic relationship. And one law, or policy complements and reenforces each other.
    Just this past week, Governor Cuomo wrote into law, that unions can provide, for its union members excludively, PAID PATERNITY AND MATERNITY LEAVE DURING AND AFTER PREGNANCY. The state will chip in, and help pay. Non agency fee payers dont get that benefit. But our taxes and pooled union resources pay. We need parallel traditional Catholic unions, not an atomistic, individualist “you fight for yourself” legal bargaining set up.

  2. Before this decision, I was an “agency fee payor” but not a union member. The union negotiated benefits with the government. I had that part of monies that the union spent on political or ideological pro rated and that prorated part of idelogical and political expenses were returned to me each year. Bargaining can only work in numbers and with political friends. In midwest states it may be easier to find a mayor or governor sympathetic to your political pressuring for conservative causes, and can sympathize with your opposition to the leftist unions. But there is no one to synpathize with you if the ideology of State employers and unions are substantially the same.

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