Controversial Land Deals At the Origin of the Accusations?

Controversial Land Deals At the Origin of the Accusations? – 6/29/18

Neo-conservative (June 27) has defended the Bolivian Cardinal Toribio Porco Ticona from accusations that he has wife and children.

The blog spoke with the alleged concubine, Leonor Ramos Gareca, who emphatically denied that she was or is romantically involved with Ticona or that her two children were his.

According to the accusations have their origin in deals regarding seven plots of land that first belonged to Ticona, then were given to the Church, but later returned to Ticona. Ticona sold one plot to Leonor Ramos Gareca. However, in the same article Mrs Ramos says that Ticona gave it to her mother from whom she inherited it.

The land deal was not done properly so that disputes arouse between Mrs Ramos and Rosario Paco, a neighbourhood leader who also wants the land.

Mrs Ramos claims that Paco is at the origin of the accusations against her and Ticona. He invented them in order to get hold of the land.

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