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Robert George: ‘Fr. Martin accepts the Church’s teachings’

Robert George, a well-respected Catholic professor at Princeton University, is saying that Fr. James Martin accepts Catholic Church teaching on the intrinsic immorality of homosexual sex — or else he’s lying.

Based on Fr. Martin’s regurgitation in April of Catholic teaching surrounding homosexuality, George wrote on June 17 that “Fr. Martin accepts the Church’s teachings, including those on sexual morality.”

More accurately, however, Fr. Martin in April merely recited what he called the “Church’s official teaching” on homosexuality but never once said he personally accepts all of these teachings or that he isn’t trying in his own way to get some of these teachings changed.

The closest he came to that was to write, “As a Catholic priest, I have also never challenged those teachings, nor will I.”

This on its face is untrue. Not only does he promote open dissenters, like Sr. Jeannine Gramick and Fr. Greg Boyle, he has praised the “love” in same-sex marriages, calling on Catholics to “reverence” it.


Gramick and the group she founded, New Ways Ministry, has been condemned specifically for their rejection of Church teaching on homosexuality. In spite of the censure, Gramick continues to minister to homosexuals, in defiance of the Church’s decree.

But during a June 16 podcast, Fr. Martin said of Sr. Gramick, “I’m going to canonize Sr. Jeannine Gramick, who was the co-founder of New Ways Ministry.”

In his April article, Fr. Martin again pushes the “born that way” myth, saying that “people do not choose to be born with any particular sexual orientation.” On June 24, he again pushed the notion that God made people gay by tweeting, “God created them as they are, especially any LGBT youth who doubt this.” The very notion of being “born that way,” however, is a rejection of the Catechism’s teaching that same-sex attraction is “objectively disordered” — another point Martin has challenged, saying instead that the language should be replaced with “differently ordered.”

What George needs to ask Fr. Martin is: Do you believe God made people gay, and if so how could you then accept the Church’s teaching that homosexual acts are ‘intrinsically disordered’ and, therefore, objectively sinful?

Watch the panel discuss how Fr. Martin undermines Church teaching in Friday’s Download—A Defective Defense

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2 comments on “A DEFECTIVE DEFENSE

  1. Lavoris (yeah, we’re back to that term, again) went wide, left with that bobbled field goal attempt. He also shot himself in the foot by not going after the Robby/Bobby Hobby Lobby for giving Martin its 2018 Strange, New Respect trophy, ramping up the vile Jebbie’s cache going into the Bergoglian Mob’s SuperBowl event, coming up very shortly in Ireland.
    Had he singled out George for particular condemnation on grounds of aiding and abetting a criminal, Lavoris might have erased some of the opprobrium his CM project has earned for deflecting its subscribers’ attention from those who do as much grave harm as the narcissists themselves inflict, by praising their “alleged orthodoxy.”

  2. It is possible that they teach things like logic differently at Harvard and Princeton. Promoting homoerotic kissing during the sign of peace at Mass would contradict Catholic orthodoxy on sexual morality. Perhaps there is a different idea about Catholic orthodoxy as well. It remains clear that Father Martin is far from orthodox on Catholic issues.

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