War Of Dwarfs

War Of Dwarfs

[Nonetheless, our Lord said (Luke 9:50): “He that is not against you, is for you!” – AQ Tom]

Cardinal Mueller has given another interview lamenting the spread out heretic mentality of many of his colleagues, actually singling out his own connational.

As always in these circumstances, I can’t say I am impressed. Actually, I am more than a tad peeved.

Cardinal Mueller had, when he was at the had of the CDF, not one bit of the assertiveness he now shows from the armchair. Nor did he ever slam the door and go away because Francis did not allow him to do his job properly. Whatever ha did not do, he was very comfortable with not doing. Germany was full of heretical bishops and Cardinals already.

Mueller was, also, unceremoniously kicked out by Francis in favour of the fellow Jesuit Ladaria. It is difficult to avoid the impression that he is merely criticising his successor.

Finally, Mueller avoids to point a clear finger to Francis, who must be the ultimate culprit for all that Mueller laments. How could he, when he has praised him so often when he was in charge of the CDF?

Mueller’s criticism is, therefore, too little, too late, and with no credibility credentials. Gotta love to see all those V II dwarfs accusing each other of not being tall enough.

Please do not make of Mueller a victim or, worse, a hero of the “resistance” to Francis. He is neither the one nor the other. He is merely a heterodox prelate now overtaken on the heresy lane by people worse than him, and very likely still smarting for having been kicked out so abruptly by Juan Peron.

Mueller is part of the problem. It’s like Trotsky criticising Stalin.

We have no sympathy for his armchair orthodoxy.

I am fed up with people who discover how bad those in power are when they have first wasted, and then lost, theirs.

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One comment on “War Of Dwarfs

  1. M has a point. It may be true, however, that Cd. Mueller, no longer prisoner to the Mob’s politicking, has actually begun to regain his theological bearings and undergone an internal reckoning.
    Everything in the Occupied City is political. Like Burke, Mueller goes just so far but, then, not far enough to gratify pundits on the Extreme Right (who will perpetually live consternated, unhappy lives anyway.) M is incisive and clearly intense but misses the possibility that, ever so slowly, Anti-Revolutionary forces are gathering strength.
    Again, everything in the OC is political. It has been since before the Renaissance.

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