Islam Invades Africa

Islam Invades Africa

Gloria.TV News – 6/28/18

Cardinal elect Désiré Tzarahazana of Toamasina, Madagascar, a Catholic country, has called the growth of Islam in his country an “invasion”. Islam buys the people with the money of the Gulf states and Pakistan, he told Young people go to Saudi Arabia to study and when they come back, they are Imams. Recently, there was a meeting of the bishops with local Imams. One of them was a former seminarian.

This Is How Invasion Works

Archbishop Tzarahazana also recounts that in the north of the country women are paid to wear full Muslim face veils during the day in order to mark the presence of Islam. In the evening they return to their normal dresses. Everywhere mosques are built although the Muslims are still not that many. Twice a week Turkish Airlines fly in Muslims into the country who settle in the countryside. Quote, “Nobody knows what they are doing there.”

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