FrankenPope accuses Middle Eastern priests of living la vida loca

FrankenPope accuses Middle Eastern priests of living la vida loca

[Popes who live in glass palaces (or 5-star hotels) shouldn’t throw stones!]

Bishop of Rome Bergoglio has chastised the suffering priests of the Middle East. Being of Maronite ancestry myself, I found his remarks insulting, repugnant and hypocritical.

Bergoglio said that they live in luxury.

“There are perhaps – not many -some priest, bishop, a religious congregation who profess poverty yet lives like a rich person.”

Like this?

Image result for pope santa marta room
Bergoglio Bedroom at Motel St. Martha
Image result for pope santa marta room
Lobby at Pope’s Apartment
Image result for spadaro tagle booze
Antonio Spadaro, EssJay and his special friend, “Cardinal” Tagle having fun in poverty
Slumming in Rome, thinking about the luxury rectories in the Middle East
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One comment on “FrankenPope accuses Middle Eastern priests of living la vida loca

  1. Vox’s repugnance at yet one more off-the-wall observation from Francis is perfectly justified.
    Yet, acquaintance with Maronites impressed me with their stirring loyalty to one another, whether in the US or Lebanon. They are proficient entrepreneurs and an example for any ethnic heritage to emulate in their fervor and piety. I’ve no doubt their charity to distressed priests and civilians also excels.
    As for Spadaro, et al photographed with well-appointed liquor cabinets in the background, singling out clerical access to liquid refreshment is perhaps going a tad overboard. Most consumers of adult beverages drink moderately, though not all. Certainly two truly inspirational Trad counter-Revolutionary priests, Canon Gregory Hesse and Msgr. Joseph Clifford Fenton, not only enjoyed a good vino and praised the Lord for its delights; it may have been Chesterton whom Canon Hesse quoted in a conference available on YouTube, in which a stinging, elegant response to teetotaling crabs is recited to define the authentic Catholic stand on responsible consumption.

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