PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE “MIRACLE” [of the English Novus Order Mass] FROM US

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE “MIRACLE” [of the English Novus Order Mass] FROM US

[The Medjugoogoo Spirit Daily links to an occultic “researcher” to trash the Traditional Latin Mass; hat-tip to Brian Kelly at the St.Benedict Center (Richmond, NH): Spirit Daily Hosts Article by ‘Paranormal Minister’ Upset With Latin Mass Ad Orientem ( : I was surprised by this. I did not know that Spirit Daily website in addition to being promoters of Medjugorje was also against the traditional Mass. Title of this sorry piece of emotional nonsense is “Please don’t take this Miracle from Us”. The “miracle” being the new Mass. Goodness says Jan, the Latin Mass will take us “back to Vatican I.” Well, Jan, I am sorry to inform you but the traditional Latin Mass will take you back much farther than Vatican I.]  

Submitted by Jan Reagor, Inner-healing, Deliverance and Paranormal [Occultic] Minister, Mesa, AZ –  

As I walked from the chapel at the Newman Center I felt numb and was on the verge of tears. “How can the people at the Vatican do this to us? It feels like they are sneaking us backwards into Vatican I,” I thought as I walked to my car. Two weeks ago I attended a Mass at the Newman Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The altar was set-up so the priest turned his back to us, and most of the prayers were in Latin. I felt heart sick.

I remembered as a youth when my parish in Oklahoma City was used as a testing site for the Mass offered in English. I was exhilarated at how beautiful the prayers were that we previously said in Latin. I still am exhilarated with them. I am enthralled at watching the miracle on the altar of the prayers and the turning of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of our Savior Jesus Christ. But now the miracle is quietly being taken from us, for it seems we are returning to Vatican I, without even a word to us parishioners.

Recently I saw the beautiful prayer that Jesus Christ taught us, the Lord’s Prayer, in Latin flashed on the screen in church, I had to fight the tears. Very few people responded, and even fewer knew what they were saying.

On Monday morning a group of five people go to a nursing home to be Ministers of Care. This past week one of the ministers told us of going to Mass on Sunday, finding the altar turned around, and the priest having his back to the people. She said there was a brief explanation given, that was difficult for her to understand. Dismayed, she said “Now what good can come from this?” None of the five ministers are in agreement with going back to Vatican I.

Our current parish offers a Spanish mass each weekend, with the other masses in English. It is a value to the Spanish speaking people to have Mass in their own language. Our friend Reverend Richard Potthast, who served in Uganda for forty years, told us when the mass changed to the native language, the population in the Church soared. Now going back will be a source of confusion.

During the formation of Vatican II, the Bishops voted on the improvements for our church, but now there seems to be back tracking. I am hoping our good Pope Francis will put a stop to going backward in the holy Mass. I am encouraging those of us who enjoy the prayers in English to write to their Bishop and encourage him to approve only a few parishes to go backward, and keep the majority of parishes in Vatican II. For you see, I also am wondering,

“What good can come from this?”


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2 comments on “PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE “MIRACLE” [of the English Novus Order Mass] FROM US

  1. Well, cowboys and cowgirls, Ah reckon some o’ those tales old timers tell about weird things happenin’ out Mesa way jus’ might be true. Things happen in the desert, f’sure. Seen it myself a time or two, in fact.
    One that’s always stumped me was the the time, back decades ago, when folks what follows the pope jus’ up ‘n tossed all their fine art pieces in the trash ‘n started caterwaulerin’ a heap o’ dumb protestant tunes, bringin’ in Injuns to do rain dances, turnin’ females of the species inta some kinda priestesses, jabberin’ in English and sorts o’ other plumb silly nonsense like that.
    Sho’ sets a mind ta thinkin’…

  2. For “dramatic effect” I deliberately distorted the lady’s status as a “paranormal minister” as something involving occultic activity on her part. Actually she is a “determiner” of the presence of paranormal activity, which can be a practice of the occult. Nonetheless, such investigation can be dangerous for untrained and unauthorized initiates especially laypeople, because paranormal activity involving the occult can lead to possession of the person doing such investigation by the devil behind that occultic activity. Only a priest trained and episcopally-authorized as an exorcist should do such investigation and related activity, and he risks possible physical, psychological and spiritual harm in his practice as an exorcist.

    Also I distorted the meaning of her “miracle” as the English Novus Ordo Mass, because she emphasizes its supposed superiority to the traditional Latin Mass. She does mention (although in passing) that miracle as “the turning of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of our Savior Jesus Christ” but that returning to the traditional Latin Mass is a “source of confusion” of the miracle of transsubstantiation. Compare the Offertory and Eucharistic prayers of the two forms of Mass: Those of the Novus Ordo Mass diminish the importance of that miracle, while those of the traditional Latin Mass enhance it. Note the decline in Mass attendance and belief in the Real Presence since the “new and improved” Mass was introduced.

    One final point (many others that could be made): She says, “I remembered as a youth when my parish in Oklahoma City was used as a testing site for the Mass offered in English. I was exhilarated …” I know of no such “testing site” in that diocese except for “the Community of John XXIII, a “floating parish” that owned no property, claimed no territorial boundaries, and met, most Sundays, in rented and borrowed spaces“. It eventually “floated” out of the Church.

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