Jesuit Neo-Cardinal Ladaria on His Achievements and Honor: “Covering Up Tends to Favor Abuse”

Jesuit Neo-Cardinal Ladaria on His Achievements and Honor: “Covering Up Tends to Favor Abuse”

Text: Giuseppe Nardi – Post and trans: Tancred – 6/27/18

(Rome) Faith Prefect Luis Ladaria SJ will be created a cardinal on Saturday by Pope Francis. In a press briefing at the Vatican, he emphasized the Church’s strict line against sexual abuse. 

“The facts of each case are to be deliberated, tried, and duly punished for those who have committed these crimes. We are also interested in this because of prevention, and thus we see that we have an awareness of the problem and cover nothing.”

The future cardinal acknowledged that it was “once different when one tended to cover up.” However, this attitude must be eradicated, “because it favors that this abuse continues.”
He sees the cardinal dignity he is about to receive as a “responsibility” but also as a “sign of trust” that the Pope offers him.

“I suppose the Pope will have thought that my work in nine years as secretary of the Congregation was not so bad, and has appointed me prefect.”

His work will thereby “not change in substance,” but it will be done in a different way, “with greater responsibility.” The duties and responsibilities of the Prefect of a Congregation, however, were not directly related to the cardinal dignity.
Only recently had Ladaria made it clear that the decision of Pope John Paul II of 1994 that the priesthood for women is definitely impossible. He disagreed with Church voices, who wanted to see only a provisional decision. But the Church is “so rich” and diverse that the question of the role of women in the Church should not be “reduced” to the sacrament of Holy Orders. That would be a “impoverishment.”
For example, in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith there are three women who work as consultors . There are six women in the International TheologicalCommission and three in the Bible Commission , according to the prefect of faith.
As of next week, Ladaria will be one of 125 cardinals who could attend a conclave and elect the Pope.

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