Good Ol’ Boys Network

The Good Ol’ Boys Network is alive and well in Washington, DC. FBI Agent Strzok is being “interviewed” by the Senate Judiciary Committee but not “under oath.” Are you kidding me? And, to top it off we can’t be privy to the “interview” as it is not being broadcast on TV. This why the American people distrust their government and why Donald Trump was elected. Drain the swamp and start with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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2 comments on “Good Ol’ Boys Network

  1. The House Oversight Committee taking testimony from Mssrs. Rosenstein and Wray is in recess after opening statements from the Chairman and the Ranking Member. What is going on? Is the fix in?

  2. Given that the overwhelming majority of Deep State careerists will stop at nothing to get rid of Trump, nothing can be taken for granted.
    I am still concerned about how many within his own administration are either Deep State sympathizers or intent on interests antithetical to the promises he campaigned on.
    What Trump has accomplished, so far, is largely in spite of, not a result of, either Congress or his staff. Those on his staff who truly agree with and work for the agenda he set forth leading up to his election must be a minority.

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