Mass-Immigration: FrankenPope Plotted Behind the Scene

Mass-Immigration: FrankenPope Plotted Behind the Scene

[Is he complicit in the very thing that he has condemned as “a crime against humanity” fueled by “egoism” and “hypocrisy”?]

en,news – 6/25/18

Marco Tosatti’s blog has revealed (15 June) that Pope Francis was instrumental in opening Italy to illegal mass-immigration and human trafficking.

According to then high-placed sources in the Italian Interior Ministry, Pope Francis called then leftwing prime minister Enrico Letta in October 2013 convincing him to collect illegal immigrants from the Mediteranium. The illegals were branded as “refugees”.

The Italian navy started the operation in colusion with human traffickers who today make more money than drug dealers. Since then 400.000 illegals have entered Italy.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA#newsJzfmqxbhgd

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