COR ORANS: Another Evil Spirit of Vatican II

COR ORANS: Another Evil Spirit of Vatican II

FrankenPope to Purge What’s Left of Catholic Nuns

Hilary White – The Remnant, June 30, 2018

As I have written many times elsewhere, the one uniform characteristic of the current pontificate is the purge. It is clear now that Jorge Bergoglio was elected by a group of 1960s progressives to bring about the final removal of the last elements within Catholicism that have resisted the Vatican II revolution. To Read the Full Report, see


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15 comments on “COR ORANS: Another Evil Spirit of Vatican II

  1. How many modernists in the college of cardinals who voted for Bergoglio in the last papal conclave are homos and deviants like the disgraced, former cardinal from Washington, DC?
    If it was enough to swing the election for the heretical progressive modernist Bergoglio, doesn’t that call into question the legitimacy of the papal election and the conclave?

    One question no one has asked yet about this: When the cardinal was (allegedly) groping and cuddling with the seminarian in his bed at the beach house during the weekend getaway with seminarians, did anyone there notice if he said Mass the next day? OK, if he did, who did the Cardinal go to Confession to before saying Mass that day? If he didn’t confess to groping and molesting the seminarian before saying Mass he was excommunicated automatically latae sententiae. That would mean an excommunicated modernist homo voted in a papal election (for Bergoglio) after giving cover to liberal pro-abortion politicians in the Democratic party on the abortion issue. Let that sink in….

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, we present the homo pontificate…”

  2. Anyone who is in a state of mortal sin is de facto excommunicated in the eyes of God, and the Church. It may not be formal, but in essence it is.

    • Everybody knows I hate to be “divisive” :o)
      That is not correct.
      Excommunication means being cast out of the Church; that is, unable to participate in the benefits of being in communion with the Church. Canon Law (Old Code 2241 and following) says that only certain specially grievous mortal sins can result in excommunication.
      Each and every mortal sin, of course, removes sanctifying grace from the soul, and thus removes one from communion with God. But this is on the personal level of the internal forum; it’s a private matter between the soul and God. Such loss of communion between the soul and God is not what is meant by ‘excommunication’.
      Excommunication removes one from communion with the Church; its a public matter, in the external forum.

  3. There is an additional issue. If this modernist bishop colluded with any individuals, secret societies, modernist cabals of heretics, benefactors, or anti-Catholic political interests to suppress a Vatican directive on denying Communion to pro-abortion fake Catholic liberal politicians, for political purposes or in exchange for being shown favor in consideration of being appointed as cardinal for Washington or in merely refusing to remove himself from such consideration for similar reasons with that liberal pro-abortion agenda, he would also be under a de facto excommunication latae sententiae. Even if with just a nod and a wink. Sacrilege, simony, and heresy are crimes not just run-of-the-mill mortal sins. Crimes require removal from the priestly state and laicization. Accepting a cardinal’s hat and position in exchange for anti-Catholic, anti-life political favors for political reasons could be considered an emolument and bribe, hence, simony (to add to the sacrilege and heresy).

    So spare the argument that mere sins would not prevent the Holy Ghost from being manifest in a papal election by just sinners. Bergoglio apparently received at least one vote from an obstinate sacrilegious simonist heretic homo pervert. That is very relevant to this latest stage of the modernist Revolution. A heretic criminal voting in a papal election (with a heretical anti-Catholic agenda) is problematic. As with the other modernist fruitcakes in the St. Gallen mafia secret society.

    Just for the record, Senator John Kerry who was on the receiving end of the cardinal’s nod and wink on abortion is a member of the anti-Catholic Illuminati farm team secret society Skull and Bones.

    A cardinal engaging in any nod and wink assurances on abortion with such an anti-Catholic political actor from an occult secret society is guilty of the crime of enabling and promoting abortion. Again, automatic latae sententiae excommunication. How many others knew about this at the time and said and did nothing? Remember what a cardinal’s hat is supposed to represent and symbolize. Any priest, bishop, or practicing Catholic who knew that a modernist heretic sitting in the cardinal’s throne suppressing a lawful Vatican directive on Communion and abortion during an election year was a heretic pervert, guilty of molestation and vulnerable to blackmail, and said nothing should take a good look in the mirror. They are part of the problem in the Church.

    So let’s drop the absurd line that committing pervert sins do not prevent his Masses or sacraments from being valid, as if any pervert heretic molester can continue as a priest under that invented loophole as cover. It is that kind of idiocy that has bankrupted the Church and caused this crisis.

    Part of the whole problem with the Church today, leading to the confusion and malaise, is that these latae sententiae excommunications are never formally pronounced in public by the limp-wristed modernists in control of the hierarchy. Guess why not….

    • No need to get personal.
      You can’t make sweeping declarations of excommunication upon a whole class of persons.
      1) Only the Church can declare an excommunication.
      2) Even the Church only excommunicates specific individuals.
      3) And can validly do so only in accordance with justice and due process.
      In the case of latae sententiae (automatic) excommunications, although indeed the crime itself does result in excommunication without the sentence of a judge, precisely because there is no sentence, there is also no public authority to verify the crime. The matter remains between the criminal and the relevant superior to whom the criminal is obliged to go in order to confess and get the excommunication removed.
      If you want to propose a case of latae sententiae excommunication, you have to mention one person (let’s say Cardinal Daneels), give sufficient evidence that he committed such and such crime, and quote canon law to show that this particular crime carries with it a latae sententiae excommunication.
      At that point, Catholics of sufficient understanding and good will shall have to agree that, before God, he is in fact excommunicated.
      However, I’m not sure how that helps. In the eyes of the Novus Ordo, it won’t mean squat. And until a public declaration of the hierarchy has declared him excommunicate, the matter is between Daneels and…the pope. :o/
      “So spare the argument that mere sins would not prevent the Holy Ghost from being manifest in a papal election by just sinners.”
      I’m not sure who made that argument. For the record, it surely wasn’t me. I am quite sure that the Holy Ghost was *present* at Vat II, and the papal conclaves of modern times. I am even more sure that He generally was ignored, and therefore His presence was not *manifested*. The idea that the Holy Ghost actually assures a GOOD result from such events, in spite of the evil will of the participants, is to say that decisions coming from them are infallible, for which there is not the slightest support in history or Church doctrine. It is a “pious” superstition held only by spiritual nerds.
      As to pervert sins rendering Masses or sacraments invalid, as I’ve said before, if that a priest were in mortal sin made his sacraments invalid, then since no one could know which priests were free from mortal sin, neither could anyone know if he were validly baptized, confessed, confirmed, etc., etc.
      One helluva mess we’d be in, and one absolutely impossible to sort out.
      So it would seem that the line that committing pervert sins DOES prevent Masses or sacraments from being valid is…um, let’s say, untenable.
      If that argument from reason isn’t enough, how about this:
      Council of Trent (Dz 855): “Canon 12. If anyone shall say that a minister who is in mortal sin, although he observes all the essentials which pertain to the performance of conferring of a sacrament, neither performs nor confers the sacrament: let him be anathema.”
      Note that the anathema is attached.
      It’s dogma. Roma locuta, causa finita.
      All those denying this are, at least materially, heretics.
      Of course, we are all frustrated by the near universal apostasy of the hierarchy. No doubt a large majority, are, before God, actually excommunicated, because they have actually committed mortal sins of the special sort that result automatically in that penalty.
      No doubt even many of these Judas priests consciously take advantage of the fact that, being in the hierarchy itself, and in control of it, they know darned well they can get away with murder, or worse.
      But there we are.
      God will spank them, but good, but in His own time and way.

  4. Re. Cor Orans article:
    The simplest solution for nuns intent upon fulfilling their vows under the Rule of their Order’s founding Saints might well be for them to join SSPX-affiliated convents, which are thriving.
    As one friend of mine wrote, Cor Orans’ effect is equivalent to Paul VI’s Novus Ordo diktat. It destroys everything.
    And Nuovo Roma happily announces: THAT is exactly our intent!

    • This is very well said. Where else would one feel comfortable sending a young woman to fulfill her religious vocation?
      And the same could be said regarding the priesthood.

  5. On the matter of whether masses said by obstinate heretics and sinners are valid, may I point out that validity of matter and form is not enough. Intention must be present to “do what the Church does” and it seems to me that intention is not present in these actions by the aforementioned individuals. However, it’s not a matter for me to judge and only God can judge the intention. Having said that, I would most certainly avoid attending any of these “masses.” Thank God that there are still priests of whom there is no question on matter, form and intention.

    • That is perfectly correct, phaley.
      Many people, however, are not aware that the intention can be “virtual” (I prefer to say habitual). In other words, priests don’t have to *consciously* make an act of intending to do what the Church does; it is enough if they just do the matter and form. The form (the words) already express the act that is intended. The right intention then can only be nullified by a conscious intention, at the moment of doing the rite, to NOT do what the Church does.
      If you think about it, things have to be this way. How many umpteen thousand times throughout history have priests, even good and well-intentioned ones, been distracted in the moment of, let’s say, the consecration at Mass, so that, though they said the words out of habit, they did not explicityly think of what they meant and what they were doing?
      That said, it is surely foolish to take any risks, and I heartily concur with your last paragraph. There must certainly be a good numbe of priests out there who are conscious infiltrators, and actually do make a contrary intention.

      • “Many people, however, are not aware that the intention can be “virtual” (I prefer to say habitual). ”
        If the above is true, it is no doubt due to the fact that there are so many faux priests out there who do not teach what Our Lord has both taught , revealed and COMMANDED.

  6. The excommunication is automatic for abortion and sacrilege.

    Someone using the office of the priesthood and its sacramental functions and ecclesiastical authority to promote or enable the progressive political agenda of pro-abortion apostates and heretics engages in sacrilege by abusing the priesthood. All the more so if the enabling of abortionism is done in exchange for political or financial assistance in attaining a cardinal’s hat or the position of bishop. Such a heretic and apostate is no longer a Catholic and is, therefore, unqualified to vote in a papal election or to fulfil the office of a Catholic cardinal, bishop or priest.

    We can play the game of pretending these are Catholic priests until Hell freezes over, if that pleases the neo-Catholic modernists enabling the crisis of the priesthood but that does not serve the cause of the Church or the faith. A homo activist or pervert cannot be a Catholic priest. The issue is ontological as well as psychological and the criminal liability of having a criminal sex pervert presenting himself as a priest, bishop, or cardinal to the faithful and public. Canon law which in many respects is a human institution and invention needs to be upgraded so the immediate suspension from the priesthood and laicization takes effect once criminal facts are known regarding these mental disturbed and criminal sex perverts. example: “A heretic who engages in criminal sex crimes and who abuses the office of the priesthood to shield them incurs automatic excommunication latae sententiae and will be laicized immediately upon such facts being known and established. Any member of the priesthood or hierarchy who attempts to cover up such crimes will also incur automatic excommunication latae sententiae and will be laicized immediately upon such facts being known and established. ”

    Now, if that had been the policy for the Church in the recent past, Catholic dioceses could have saved three or four billion dollars in legal settlements and costs.

    The issue is not whether his Masses were valid in a nominal legal sense, but whether such a mentally-disturbed criminal sex pervert should have ever been allowed to be a Catholic priest in the first place. Rehearsing the A,B,C’s of ex opere operato does nothing for the victims or to lessen the scandal or the gravity of the sacrilege and crimes. Homo perverts should be barred from the priesthood by reason of irregularity and mental defect, a disqualifying incapacity of reason which is ontological (in a similar sense as a retard or any lunatic or schizophrenic who lacks the governing faculty of reason to fulfill priestly functions such as rational and prudential judgment in sacramental Confession). Someone who gave a pass to Senator John Kerry on abortion lacks rational and prudential judgment necessary to be a Catholic priest. Attempting sodomy on a seminarian at a beach house demonstrates a severe lack of rational and prudential judgment necessary to be a Catholic priest. Once this is known and established they’ve got to be gone immediately, certainly within 24 hours. Pack up your things and leave, you’re NOT a priest.

    • Very interesting post.
      “The excommunication is automatic for abortion and sacrilege.”
      Yes. I think it is important though to underline that a latae sententiae excommunication, exactly because it is automatic and occurs without a a public sentence by an established authority in the Church, remains a matter to be dealt with in the internal forum. That is, the culprit must (if necessary) be warned of his condition, or in any case seek out the relevant authority (usually the local bishop, in graver cases the pope) that can absolve him and receive him back into the Church.
      “We can play the game of pretending these are Catholic priests until Hell freezes over, if that pleases the neo-Catholic modernists enabling the crisis of the priesthood but that does not serve the cause of the Church or the faith. A homo activist or pervert cannot be a Catholic priest.”
      In a previous discussion I’ve given arguments from reason and authority that being in a state of mortal sin while being ordained does not invalidate the ordination, provided that the ordinand is male, baptized, the bishop is a real bishop, valid form is used, and both the bishop and the ordinand intend to do what the Church does in ordaining.
      Let’s look at it from another direction.
      What about an ordinand who had all the above prerequisites, and was also NOT in a state of mortal sin, and moreover was a very morally upright person, with sufficient brains and many other good qualities.
      I’m sure you’d agree that his ordination was valid, and that it made him a real priest.
      But now, original sin is everpresent — and so is Satan, and other bad company. Not to tell a novel, but let’s say one thing leads to another, and he is seduced by a woman. He takes her as a concubine and lives for years with her as a secret mistress.
      Is he still a priest?
      I’d just like to hear your answer to that question.

      • He’s still a priest but is sinning mortally and needs to get to confession and reform his life ASAP. Once a priest, always a priest. And reform in this case is to live chastely and do away with this concubinage.

  7. The mental defect of reason makes it impossible for such a pervert to be a priest. An ordination parody of a criminal sex pervert is sacrilegious and invalid. The candidate for ordination is barred due to lack of functioning reason.

    There are additional reasons which bar from deviant criminal sex perverts from being priests. For a criminal sex pervert hearing Confessions could be an occasion of sin because they enjoy hearing others confess sexual sins (which could also be used for blackmail by homosexualist heretics participating in criminal conspiracies to pretend to be priests for unholy purposes).

    We can play this neo-Catholic modernist game of ordaining sex pervert lunatics until Hell freezes over. It is not just the spiritual issue of mortal sin but the ontological defect of lacking functioning reason necessary for fulfilling the duties of the priesthood which include making rational judgments in Confession and in explaining and teaching Catholic moral doctrines. Someone who does not agree with Catholic moral doctrines due to persistent compulsions toward homo sex perversion cannot be a priest. They are not supposed to be ordained. They cannot function as priests rationally. In the case of modernists, they are heretics. They’re disqualified. A compulsive and uncontrollable inclination to anal sex is a mental disorder. Mental defect, lack of reason, wacko nutjob. Disqualified. End of story.

    We need to end this chapter of Vatican II of the 1970s gay movement from modern American culture, destroying the priesthood and bankrupting the Church.

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