Radical Jesuit Cardinal Martini Was Promotor of Fallen Monsignor

Radical Jesuit Cardinal Martini Was Promotor of Fallen Monsignor

[Similar to Cardinal Coccopalmerio promoting his secretary Monsignor Luigi Capozzi, who was busted in a raid on a cocaine-fueled, sodomite orgy which the Monsignor organized in the Cardinal’s Vatican apartment! – AQ Tom]

en.news – 6/23/18

It has emerged from Friday’s Vatican trial against Monsignor Carlo Alberto Capella, 51, that the late Milan Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini was Capella’s promoter.

Capella, a former collaborator of the Nunciature in Washington, was arrested in April after illegal pornography was found on his computer. He has admitted his guilt.

A priest belonging to Milan archdiocese, Capella was an assistant priest when in 2001 Cardinal Martini asked him whether he would be willing to enter the diplomatic service of the Holy See. Capella agreed.

Martini, a Jesuit and pro-gay and anti-Catholic prelate, is considered Pope Francis’ role model.

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One comment on “Radical Jesuit Cardinal Martini Was Promotor of Fallen Monsignor

  1. [Martini’s protege gets 5 years for child porn possession, while Coccopalmerio’s protege (who did worse – including transporting cocaine in a diplomatically-protected Vatican car) gets a slap on the wrist: A short stint in drug rehab and then to the Church’s equivalent of Club Fed – doing penance in a monastery (a good example of “sin in haste, repent at leisure”)]

    Ex-Vatican diplomat [pleads and found] guilty of possessing child pornography

    PHILIP PULLELLA – Jun 23rd 2018

    VATICAN CITY, June 23 (Reuters) – A Vatican court on Saturday sentenced a Catholic priest to five years in jail for possessing child pornography while he was based in the United States as a diplomat.

    Carlo Alberto Capella will serve time in the small jail inside the Vatican police force headquarters, the Vatican said.

    The trial lasted two days and Capella admitted at the first hearing on Friday that he had developed a “morbid” desire after he arrived in the United States to take up the diplomatic post in the Vatican’s embassy in Washington in 2016.

    “It was never part of my priestly life before,” he told the court, adding that he was unhappy in Washington.

    The U.S. State Department notified the Vatican in August 2017 of a possible violation of laws relating to child pornography images by a member of the diplomatic corps of the Holy See accredited to Washington.

    The United States later requested that Capella’s diplomatic immunity be waived to open the way for possible prosecution there, but the Vatican refused.

    Police in Windsor, Canada said after Capella was recalled to Rome that they had issued an arrest warrant for him on suspicion of possessing and distributing child pornography on the internet while visiting a church in Canada.

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