Is Pervert Uncle Teddy McCarrick one of Bella Dodd’s grandchildren?

Saturday, 23 June 2018

Is Pervert Uncle Teddy McCarrick one of Bella Dodd’s grandchildren?

[Or rather, one of her anti-God children?]

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Bella Dodd, baptised Maria Assunta Isabella Visono, was an Italian immigrant to the United States of America. She was a brilliant woman who attended university in the early 1920’s and became transfixed with Bolshevism as did many of her generations at the time. She joined the American Communist Party and rose within its ranks.

After a reversion to the faith in 1950 with the aid of Fulton Sheen, Dodd testified before the United States Senate, in talks and in her book School of Darkness, that the Communist Party was infiltrating all ranks of American society, in fact, this infiltration happened here in Canada and throughout Europe. After all. were we not told in 1917 that “Russia would spread its evils?”

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Dodd also testified that she was personally responsible for placing over one thousand men into Catholic seminaries, men who had no faith, — atheists, communists, homosexuals, all to become priests and later bishops and cardinals whose mission was the destruction of the Catholic faith. It would not have been a hard sell, These men would have been promised an easy life, respect and prestige, a place to live, free food, security and all the sex with concubines and other communists agents they could want and for those who were so inclined, access to young boys.

Many of these were ordained and became pastors, seminary rectors, vocation directors, bishops and cardinals. Dodd did this work in the 1930’s and into the middle 1940’s. Those who became rectors and seminary professors and vocation directors and bishops then brought in the next generation, more atheists, communists and especially, the homosexuals.

Theodore McCarrick was ordained in 1958, I was two years old. A decade later, a young boy about my age was experiencing a priest fondling and masturbating him one Christmas before Mass in the sacristy of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. That priest was McCarrick. It could have been me, it could have been you, it could have been any one of us.

McCarrick’s perversion was well known. Those out there who are his “nephews” must out him, those who protected him must be exposed.

Was McCarrick really a priest? Was he a bishop? Were the Masses he offered valid, the Confessions?

Was McCarrick recruited by one of Bella Dodd’s “nephews?” If they did not have the necessary intent were their ordinations and all that flowed from them, valid?

Have millions of Catholics been denied the Sacraments because there is no grace due to a defect in the Sacrament of Ordination, and later, episcopal consecration? Are thousands of priests today, well-meaning and sincere, only really laymen because the bishop who laid hands on them no more a bishop than I?

These filthy frauds must be outed. If that means that the physical Church and its property must collapse, then so be it. Holy Mass in my dining room will have more to offer than all the sacrileges in Cathedrals.

It is time to face up to the reality.

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8 comments on “Is Pervert Uncle Teddy McCarrick one of Bella Dodd’s grandchildren?

  1. Hold it right there, Vox!
    Questioning the validity of Sacramental Grace, which is (DE FIDE!) conferred (EX OPERE OPERATO!) regardless of the moral standing of the priest, is rank and odious heresy.
    One could add an ECCLESIA SUPPLEX!, I suppose, but Vox’s Donatism precludes such in his BLEEP! mind since he seems to think the Ecclesia is no more.

  2. At least Vox served one good purpose. He demonstrated how serious the crisis is within the so-called “traditional movement.” BLEEPS! are raking ’em in these days. Louie Verrechio and some other very well known trads have jumped the shark recently.

  3. One more item. Has anyone ever seen a list of the alleged 1,000 commies? If Bp. Sheen was her mentor, and he was most surely an anticommunist, why has there been no evidence of it forthcoming?

  4. “McCarrick was ordained to the priesthood by Cardinal Francis Spellman on May 31, 1958.[ From 1958 to 1963, he furthered his studies at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., earning a Master’s in social sciences and a doctorate in sociology. He then served as an assistant chaplain at the Catholic University, where he later became dean of students and director of development.”

    “Spellman was ordained a priest by Patriarch Giuseppe Ceppetelli on May 14, 1916.”
    “During a trip to Germany in 1927, Spellman established a lifelong friendship with Archbishop Eugenio Pacelli, who was serving as Apostolic Nuncio.[3] He translated Pius XI’s first broadcast over Vatican Radio in 1931.[9] Later that year, Spellman was charged with smuggling Non abbiamo bisogno, the papal encyclical condemning Benito Mussolini, out of Rome to Paris, where he then delivered it to the press;[3][9] he was subsequently attacked by Italian newspapers. He also served as secretary to Cardinal Lorenzo Lauri at the 1932 International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin, and helped reform the Vatican’s press office, introducing mimeograph machines and issuing press releases.”

    “Following the death of Pope Pius XI, Pacelli was elected as Pope Pius XII, and one of his first acts was to appoint Spellman the sixth Archbishop of New York on April 15, 1939. He succeeded the late Cardinal Patrick Joseph Hayes, and was formally installed as Archbishop on the following May 23. ”

    “During his tenure in New York, Spellman’s considerable national influence[17][18] in religious and political matters earned his residence the nickname of “the Powerhouse”.[19] He hosted such prominent figures as Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., Bernard Baruch, David I. Walsh, John William McCormack, and numerous other politicians, entertainers, and clergymen.[10] In 1945, he instituted the Al Smith Dinner, an annual white tie fundraiser for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese which is attended by prominent national figures, including presidential nominees.

    Following his promotion to New York, Spellman also became a close confidante of President Roosevelt.[16] During World War II, he was chosen by Roosevelt to act as the latter’s agent and visit Europe, Africa, and the Middle East in 1943, visiting a total of 16 countries in four months.[20]”

    • [You forgot the relevant part of the Wikipedia entry on Franny or Nelly – as “she” was known in those circles]


      John Cooney, one of Spellman’s biographers, cited four interviewees who stated that Spellman was homosexual. Cooney was convinced of the veracity of the claims and stated unequivocally, “For years rumors abounded about Cardinal Spellman being a homosexual.”[16]

      The journalist Michelangelo Signorile, who describes Spellman as “one of the most notorious, powerful and sexually voracious homosexuals in the American Catholic Church’s history,”[36] reported that Cooney’s manuscript, The American Pope, initially contained interviews with several people with personal knowledge of Spellman’s homosexuality, including researcher and historian C. A. Tripp. According to Signorile, the Catholic Church pressured Cooney’s publisher, Times Books, to reduce the four pages discussing Spellman’s sexuality to a single paragraph.[36] Both Signorile and John Loughery[37] cite a story suggesting that Spellman was sexually active and carrying on a relationship with a male member of the chorus in the Broadway revue One Touch of Venus.[36]

      Additionally, Curt Gentry, biographer of J. Edgar Hoover, says that Hoover’s files also had “numerous allegations that Spellman was a very active homosexual.”[38]

  5. Not entirely due to prudery. It was following up on gpmtrad’s inquiry about “Commies” being infiltrated into the Church to pretend to be priests. I also assumed that most members here were familiar with the other stories about Spellman and that it was enough to highlight who had ordained McCarrick to complete the Pink Triangle sequence historically.

    That the Cardinal of New York was a “close confidante” of a high-ranking anti-Catholic freemason married to a lesbian and whose Vice President was a Theosophist and United World Federalist of a wild-eyed Illuminati type seemed sufficient for that.

    Supposedly, J. Edgar Hoover recruited some Catholic clergy as informants for the FBI (to keep watch on Catholic activists in the Labor movement who might be Communists). Would they have recruited homosexuals to pose as priests for the same purpose? I put that out there for reflection….

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