FrankenPope’s Intention is to “Ridicule” the Papacy

FrankenPope’s Intention is to “Ridicule” the Papacy – 6/23/18

The pseudonymous Pezzo Grosso has explained on Marco Tosatti’s blog (June 22) Pope Francis’ claim that he heard from the Dubia only from the newspapers.

If this claim were true, Pezzo Grosso continues, Francis would need to fire a few people of his entourage.

But he does not do this because Francis’ goal in making such statements is “to ridicule the role of the Pontiff, to make him lose credibility, to act in a way that the Pontiff is considered and recognized like any man, full of flaws, mistakes, etc.”

According to Pezzo Grosso this is coherent with all Francis has done in the last five years.

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One comment on “FrankenPope’s Intention is to “Ridicule” the Papacy

  1. That’s the whole purpose of electing a clown pope. The Illuminati and the secret societies install a modernist buffoon as pope who proceeds to deconstruct the papacy and the Catholic Church through various absurd outrages, clowning, and buffoonery.

    It’s a John Goodman movie – King Ralph:

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