Italian Bishops’ Daily Slanders Cardinal Burke

Italian Bishops’ Daily Slanders Cardinal Burke

[Is the Italian bishops’ newspaper trying to curry favor with FrankenPope by imitating his favorite newspaper, the anti-clerical La Repubblica? – AQ Tom] – 6/21/18

In April, Avvenire, the daily of the Italian bishops, published a nasty piece against Cardinal Raymond Burke, written by Gianni Gennari, a former priest known for his attacks against Benedict XVI and John Paul II.

Without checking the facts, Gennari falsely accused the cardinal of having called Pope Francis an antichrist during a talk in Rome.

Only in June Avvenire published an abbreviated version of Burke’s reply in which he pointed out that Gennari’s claims where in no way related to what he had said during his talk. He asked Avvenire for a public rectification and excuse.

Marco Tarquinio, Avvenire’s editor-in-chief, commented Burke’s letter defending Gennari’s calumnies. He added more insults and lies by referring to other alleged statements of Burke for which he did not even indicate the source.

The Catholic outlet commented Tarquinio’s behaviour like this, “A newspaper set up on the model of the Pravda of Soviet memory, cannot but handle those it perceives as ‘enemies of the revolution’ in a Soviet way.”

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