“Sacramental Ordination” Of Women Under Discussion – Cardinal Schönborn

[His Eminence’s statement is correct in se, but then he obfuscates the issue.  Nonetheless, if the commission concludes (correctly) that sacramental ordination of women to any grade of Holy Orders is impossible, they may offer them the “consolation prize” of a ministry (rather than sacramental order) of “pastoral deaconess” – supposedly similar to the ancient one of service to women for the sake of modesty and propriety, but which the feminists will regard as “enpowerment of women in the Church” especially over laymen.  Such pastoral deaconesses will most likely receive faculties to read the Gospel and preach at Mass, which sacramentally-ordained male deacons (permanent and transitional) now exercise, and which some women as “pastoral associates” do at Services of Communion and Reflection in the Absence of a Priest (SCRAP)” and as “reflections” at Mass.  An undecided question is if they will be given clerical status especially to wear the clerical collar and attire as well as the deacon’s stole in exercising their ministry. – AQ Tom]
en.news – 6/20/18

It is under discussion to “ordain” women [invalidly] to deacons, according to Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.

Talking to oe24.at (June 18), Schönborn states that he is talking of the first step of the three Holy Orders (deacon, priest and bishop).

Schönborn then tries to create a confusion between ordained deacons and the female deaconesses of the first centuries.

The deaconesses were never ordained but received a blessing in order to perform charitable work and for reasons of decency to assist at the anointing of the women before baptism.

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