FrankenPope raps Trump, dubia cardinals, in new interview

[Apparently he thinks that The Donald is the worst of the world’s leaders, as many AmChurch bishops seem to think of him as the worst president in US history (how short their memories of Obama and their imaginations of what it would be like with Hillary)! – AQ Tom] 
Catholic World News – 6/20/18
Editor’s Note: Pope Francis sharply criticized President Donald Trump’s immigration policies in a new interview with the Reuters news service. The Pontiff said that he sided with the US bishops in their criticism of Trump, adding that “populism is not the solution.” He also questioned Trump’s policies regarding Cuba and climate change. On other questions, the Pope said that he is “not even thinking about” resignation, that he expected to accept the resignations of more Chilean bishops, and that the cardinals who presented the dubiahad behaved in a way “that is, let’s say, not ecclesial, but we all make mistakes.”
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2 comments on “FrankenPope raps Trump, dubia cardinals, in new interview

  1. Does FrankenPope read his mail?

    By Phil Lawler | Jun 20, 2018

    Speaking about the dubia in his latest interview, Pope Francis told the Reuters news service that he learned about the four cardinals’ questions “from the newspapers.”

    When they released the dubia to the public, in November 2016, the four cardinals reported that they had sent their questions to the Pontiff in a private message two months earlier, and received no response.

    To put this story in context, recall that in January of this year, the Pope told reporters that as of that time he had never received complaints about Chilean Bishop Barros. But Cardinal Sean O’Malley had hand-delivered just such a complaint in 2015.

    Either Pope Francis is not reading his mail, or we have a more serious problem.

  2. FrankenPope’s Dubia claims Cause Astonished Reactions – 6/21/18

    Pope Francis’ claim that he heard about the Dubia regarding Amoris Laetitia from the newspapers, has caused general astonishment.

    Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, one of the four Dubia Cardinals, clarified on (June 20) that the Dubia were published only two months after they were send to Francis,

    “It is very clear that we wrote directly to the Pope and at the same time to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.”

    Brandmüller adds, “What should be left that is unclear here?” implying that Francis is not saying the truth.

    Edward Pentin speaks unconvincingly about a “memory lapse”.

    For Phil Lawler, Francis’ statement shows that he is either not reading his mail, “or we have a more serious problem”.

    For Damian Thompson, Francis’ words are an “incredible excuse” that “nobody” can believe.

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