Is FrankenPope a Pagan?

Is FrankenPope a Pagan?

[Caveat: See comment below from combox for the following – AQ Tom]

Gloria.TV News – 6/17/18

Dr. Peter Jones, an English-born Presbyterian pastor in the U.S., has criticized Pope Francis’ assurance to a homosexual that – quote – “God made you that way”. For Jones such remarks cannot be explained as simple pastoral concern overriding petty doctrinal judgment. Quote, “This statement compromises the history of Catholic teaching.”

Francis Makes God the Author of Sexual Distortion

Dr Jones points out that Francis’ comment not only denies the teaching of all previous popes, but attacks God the Creator, making Him the author of sexual distortion, of sinful rebellion and of moral “abomination” according to Leviticus 18:22.

Why Did Francis Not Defend the Defenseless?

In his article, Jones also wonders why the Pope, who constantly attacks wealthy landlords, commercial speculators, and environmental polluters, did not launch a vigorous and heartfelt appeal to the Catholic countries of Ireland and Argentina prior to their votes legalizing abortion. Is he not to defend the defenseless? Quote, “The Pope uttered not a word.” [He did say something recently (see Abortion Laws Like Nazis) – AQ Tom]

The Ultimate Question

Finally, Dr. Jones remembers Katy Perry’s April performance in the Vatican. Perry is a transcendental meditation fan, became famous with her lesbian-themed single “I Kissed a Girl”, practiced whichcraft, took part in bisexual activity and promoted Planned Parenthood. This shows for Jones that Francis’ theological liberalism is but a step removed from paganism, which has always mixed homosexual practice with animistic spirituality. So Jones’ question is: “Is the Pope pagan?”

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7 comments on “Is FrankenPope a Pagan?

  1. [From the combox to the above “Is FrankenPope a Pagan?“]

    Is FrankenPope Catholic?

    Holy Cannoli – 6/18/18

    Hearsay cannot be used as evidence at trial.
    For example, suppose that a witness stopped at the scene of a car crash. At the crash site, an injured driver stumbled up to her and said “Martians caused the accident!” Because of the hearsay rule, the statement cannot be used as evidence that Martians caused the accident. It could, however, be used as evidence that the injured driver was capable of speech after the crash. The rule would also bar the testimony if the injured driver scribbled his message on a scrap of paper and handed it to the witness. In general, the hearsay rule is motivated by a belief that hearsay is unreliable.

    Now to the pope. A Chilean survivor of clerical sex abuse , Juan Carlos Cruz, has said that Pope Francis told him in April 2018, at a private meeting, that God had made him gay and that both God and the pontiff loved him that way. However, Cruz’ story is hearsay and therefore unreliable.

    Add to that, the “Who am I to judge,” remark which earlier led to celebration among liberals and distress among conservatives. His reported remark to Cruz contributed to the debate over whether Francis believes homosexuality is a choice. Given the Pope’s history of blunders, hearsay is still hearsay and cannot absolutely be trusted now or at any other time.

    In spite of Francis’ own failure to clarify his supposed remarks and since the Vatican has not offered any clarification, the essential point to remember is that Francis’ comments allegedly made to Cruz are definitely hearsay. Yet, the homo gang on the left praise the “New Catholic Teaching” and those on the right, including the author of this article Dr. Peter Jones, want to criticize Francis even further.

    The Catechism states that people with “homosexual tendencies” “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity,” but it also calls a “deep-seated” homosexual inclination and its acts “intrinsically disordered” and “contrary to the natural law.”

    I’ll trust the Catechism long before I ever trust hearsay “evidence” [or “controversial” non-infallible papal statements (real or alleged) – AQ Tom] or agenda driven articles written by agenda driven Presbyterian pastors.

    • Sorry. Frankenpope does NOT get a pass.
      It doesn’t MATTER whether he actually said the many scandalous, heretical things that hearsay alleges him to have said.
      Because the hearsay is *known* worldwide. That means that Frankenpope most definitely is aware, at least in many cases of said hearsay, that many people in the world THINK that he said certain scandalous and heretical things.
      To my knowledge *he has never publicly denied even ONE of these hearsay statements*.
      These failures are very grave mortal sins of omission. One must strive to repair scandal by correcting serious lies and errors.
      He doesn’t do it.
      1) The hearsays are true, and Frankenpope knows he couldn’t get away with denying them.
      2) Frankenpope knows they aren’t true, but thinks it’s better that they remain uncorrected.
      Why would it be better that they remain uncorrected…unless Frankenpope favors the heresies and evils that the hearsays report?
      Sorry. Frankenpope remains Frankenpope, no matter how you spin it.
      No sense trying to carry water for him. Where he’s going the fire’s going to be so hot that it will instantly turn to steam, and just scald him the worse.

  2. It is understandable that Protestants and certain ex-converts are confused.

    For clarification for any non-Catholics or other observers whose heads have been in the sand on Catholic matters for the last fifty years: Fr. Jorge Bergoglio, S.J. (Pope Francis) is not a Catholic. He is a radical progressive modernist who adheres to 1970s-style situation ethics ( a heresy). A heretic is automatically excommunicated and ceases to be a Catholic the moment they embrace and intend heresy. Modernism is a heresy. There is and has been a heretical insurgency of modernism and homosexualism within the institutional church for decades. Bergoglio represents the wackadoodle wing of South American modernism. When he says crazy heretical things which represent wackadoodle modernism and 1970s-style situation ethics he is not speaking as a Catholic or a Catholic priest. He is speaking as a wackadoodle heretical modernist.

    Pray for a new pope and hope God sends one who is actually a Catholic.

  3. Not to take anything away from Jonathan Pryce, but if they gave Count Floyd on SCTV an Argentine accent…

    …it could evoke some of the operatic Peronist drama queen theatrics and camp silliness of the Bergoglian modernist pontificate. “Hey, kids, you want to hear something really scary?

    Air conditioning! That’s scary, kids!

    By the year 2020 there will be so many air conditioners on the planet that polar bears will no longer have any ice flows left!


  4. But who am I to judge? Right?

    How about neo-Pelagian triumphalism? Ooooooh! That’s really scary!

    They have all these small-minded rules!

    Goober: You scared yet, Barn’?

    Floyd: The “who am I to judge?” part didn’t sound too bad.

    Ed Grimley: Oh, come on. He’s a modernist. He contradicts himself to confuse us. It’s like my hair, only more confusing.

    Father Mulcahy, S.J.: Oh, yes. Modernism can be very confusing. Whenever they get to the part where the Teilhardian Omega Point is combined with the Marxist dialectic of Liberation theology, Erich Fromm, and the Enneagram, always ask to see their transcript.

  5. Quote: “In his article, Jones also wonders why the Pope, who constantly attacks wealthy landlords, commercial speculators, and environmental polluters, did not launch a vigorous and heartfelt appeal to the Catholic countries of Ireland and Argentina prior to their votes legalizing abortion. Is he not to defend the defenseless?”

    Because progressive modernist heretics are not really interested in the sanctity of life or abortion issues. They follow the lead of secular progressives on political and economic issues that fit the agenda of the trendy progressive Left. Progressive modernists claim that traditional and conservative Catholics are “obsessed” with abortion. While Bergoglio remained silent on the abortion vote in Ireland, an issue on which Catholic moral theology has a great deal to say, he did write an entire encyclical on the debatable scientific controversy over climate change, including foreboding warnings about the dangers of air conditioning. Why was the Holy Father so concerned about air conditioning, but remained silent on the prospective murder of unborn Irish children in Ireland? Welcome to the Twilight Zone of modernism in the Spirit of Vatican II.

    Apparently, he likes to sweat a lot while watching the collapse of human civilization and the expansion of the culture of death.

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