Does The New Bishop Of St Pölten, Austria, Have Affairs With Women?

Does The New Bishop Of St Pölten, Austria, Have Affairs With Women? – 6/15/18

Monsignor Alois Schwarz, the new bishop of St Pölten, Austria, has alleged “affairs” and an “abnormal dependence” on two women, reports the Austrian weekly News (June 15) [and OnePeterFive: Bishop Has Female Companions While Church’s Leadership is Silent]. Schwarz has denied the story. 

Schwarz is a former Vienna auxiliary bishop who was appointed Bishop of Klagenfurt in 2001. This May, Francis appointed him to the bigger diocese of St Pölten.

The News knows of two women close to Schwarz. The first was his house keeper in Vienna and later in Klagenfurt (2001). She turned out to be a sort of “secretary of the Interior” of Klagenfurt diocese.

The second woman was a teacher and began as an employee of Klagenfurt diocese. In the beginning she was close to the first woman. Later jealousy developed between the two leading even to physical altercation.

According to the News, Schwarz and the second woman allegedly visited the Vienna opera staying overnight in a diocesan flat. Their close relationship has been known to the public.

The News further reports that the second woman started governing Klagenfurt diocese like a boss and was called “Miss Bishop”.

Persons critical of the situation where removed. The former vicar general, Father Gerhard Kalidz, had to leave his post after he presented two love letters of the second woman to the bishop.

The story has been known already before the publication of the News article.

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