Leading U.S. Catholic commentator: It’s ‘legitimate’ to voice concerns over FrankenPope

Leading U.S. Catholic commentator: It’s ‘legitimate’ to voice concerns over FrankenPope

NEW YORK CITY, June 13, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A New York Times columnist and one of America’s leading Catholic commentators said that it is “legitimate” for Catholics to vocally raise concerns over Pope Francis’ teaching.

“Pope Francis is the most important teacher of the Catholic faith, and when that public teaching is seen as causing confusion, or even perceived as conflicting with his predecessors, it is legitimate for Catholics to make their voices heard,” said Ross Douthat in an interview with Inside the Vatican.

Douthat, author of To Change the Church: Pope Francis and the Future of Catholicism, expressed some concerns about the Francis’ pontificate to interviewer William Doino, Jr. Doino is described in a foreword to the interview as “one of Francis’ most consistent defenders.”

The New York Times columnist told Doino that Pope Francis has “pragmatically” backed an evangelization that has made a “truce with the sexual revolution.”

It is a “mistaken belief that there can be some sort of pastoral, pragmatic truce with the sexual revolution in the West that enables the Church to evangelize anew,” Douthat said.

“I don’t think Francis has a comprehensive liberal theological vision, but pragmatically, he often aligns himself with those ‘progressives’ who do. And that’s a real risk, for liberal Catholicism’s proposed truce can’t be reached without emptying out things that are distinctively and essentially Catholic, which the Church has admirably preserved for centuries,” he added.

Douthat said such a truce is strategically unwise, “for it simply doesn’t gain the ground that liberal Catholics imagine.” Instead, the truce ends up becoming “a tacit surrender” to the culture. In this way, the Church becomes an enabler, and a “meek and ineffective chaplaincy” to those who no longer know God, he added.

Doino spoke to Douthat about the Pope’s controversial exhortation Amoris Laetitia, stating in his report: “Douthat believes that Amoris Laetitia, Francis’ much-discussed Apostolic Exhortation, which seeks to strengthen the family and minister to those living in “irregular” relationships, has — for all its noble intentions — weakened the Church’s teachings on marriage and the family, and encouraged illicit reception of the Holy Eucharist (especially for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics living in a second, adulterous relationship) — creating deep divisions in the Church, which might ultimately lead to schism.”

“One of Douthat’s concerns is that Francis’ teachings are in serious tension- if not outright contradiction — with those of his predecessors, St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI,” the reporter stated.

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One comment on “Leading U.S. Catholic commentator: It’s ‘legitimate’ to voice concerns over FrankenPope

  1. Douthat muddles. Yeah, he cashes paychecks from one of the most anti-Catholic rags in the world so he couches his Neo-Kathlyk “takes” in a way that won’t cause the Sulzberger Kibbutz to experience much more than a little bit of excusable irritation. And yeah, it doesn’t hurt that his critical comments reach a much wider Neo-Kat readership base than all the traditional papers, blogs and websites in existence could ever hope to attract. So, there is utility in his speaking to these issues.
    What Trads need to do to leverage what is a growing realization in Neo-Kat World (that its maximum leader is so far off the reservation that even Tonto can’t track him) is to point out, in their own internet exchanges, the cold, hard dogmatic facts in each case brought up by Douthat and his confreres and clarify why simply regurgitating Wojtylan history doesn’t get you over the goal line. You may pick up a few first downs but the most you can hope for is a 45 yard field goal attempt in high wind conditions.
    What AQ’S own resident genius in all things historically intellectual, the ever perceptive and witty Howlingly Absurd, and our only recently-appointed Fellow in Applied Logic & Head-bashing, Nice Is Nasty, do regularly here must needs go global, be mobile and become agile and hostile to all things liberal, timid and too reticent, as the Neo-Kathlyk punditocracy is habitually inclined to express itself..
    In the immortal words of St. Vincent of Green Bay ( or was it St. Knute d’Notre Dame?): “Gentlemen, this is a keyboard.”

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