Highly Decorated Chinese Author, „FrankenPope Worst Pope Ever“

Highly Decorated Chinese Author, „FrankenPope Worst Pope Ever“

en.news – 6/13/18

Francis is the “worst pope in history”, said Chinese author Liao Yiwu, 59.

Talking to the German weekly Zeit (June 14), Yiwu called Pope Francis’ negotiations with China “not Christian”. According to him Francis is going to make an agreement “with the devil”.

Yiwu is a critic of China’s Communist regime which has imprisoned and tortured him. Since 2011 he has been living in Berlin, Germany.

Yiwu received several awards, among them the [leftwing] “Human Rights” and “Freedom to Write” prices.

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2 comments on “Highly Decorated Chinese Author, „FrankenPope Worst Pope Ever“

  1. Even the good Chinese author may yet be proven to have been Pollyannaian.
    Operation Soy Sauce indicates that the complete sell-out of the Church that got up a full head of steam in the 60s has moved past simply destroying every shred of nearly 2,000 years of religious culture and is now negotiating what is nothing less than a global and VERY hostile takeover with the singly most violent savages in history – ChiComs, Soros, Western Liberals and sods.

  2. Seeing Bergoglio and his Mob as nothing more than incompetent heretics is, I am rapidly coming to realize, to profoundly miss the multilevel destructive agency of his and their totally POLITICAL objectives.
    Catholics have been duped into holding onto fruitless hopes an eventual clerical righting of the long-capsized Barque would prevail… somehow, someday.
    Uh, uh. As Hilary White put it, “He hates us! He really hates us!”
    This cannot and will not end well unless what was requested of the pope and all the bishops through Lucia dos Santos is fulfilled.

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