FrankenPope Owns The Sodomite Problem In The Church

TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2018

FrankenPope Owns The Sodomite Problem In The Church

Of course he didn’t start it, for flaming gays were in high places of Church power long before Cardinal Bergoglio ascended the papal throne.  However, he has not so much failed to make any headway with the problem as much as he has acted to further ensconce them within positions of Church influence.  Two weeks ago his latest pro-sodomy dissidence was spoken to Juan Carlos Cruz when the pope told Cruz “God made you that way..”

This blog and others have listed the myriad ways that the pope has given green lights to gays and their enablers.  Two of the most egregious are:

Two weeks ago, Michael Voris, in his Vortex, excoriated all this gay-pandering.  Please listen very closely to it.  In it, he acknowledges the pope’s horrible error and admits no doubt that the blasphemy escaped the pope’s lips.  Voris went so far as to offer a rebuke to both the Cardinal and the Pope.  He was right to do so.
In yesterday’s Vortex, though, he backpeddled a bit when he attempted to cast doubt as to whether or not the pope uttered the blasphemy.
  • He states that “no member of the hierarchy has said anything about it”, with “it” being the pope’s words as related by Cruz.  Well, doesn’t the “hierarchy” include the pope?  And why haven’t they cleared any misunderstanding?  Such would be their duty, to mitigate any confusion to the faithful.
  • He points out that Father James Martin has become “the waterboy for the advancing of the gay agenda”.  True enough; I already mentioned his Vatican appointment above, and there’s more that will be detailed in the following paragraphs.
I linked to the article as opposed to merely posting the video for I think the comments below are most instructive for the way they articulate the pope’s responsibility for this debacle.  I myself would have commented; however, for similar comments that I made in previous articles, I’ve been banned from commenting on the CM website.  Voris tried to chide them saying that they’re “going back to Catholic cool to slam the pope”.  I commend the others for their polite, firm, and educated responses to that childishness.  Should those comments be pulled, I’ve saved screenshots.
As promised, I’ll give the latest news regarding Father Martin, courtesy of Rorate Caeli.  The World Meeting of Families will be held in Dublin, Ireland on August 21-24, 2018.  Guess who’s been invited to speak?  Yes, and he claims that the invitation was extended by both the Archdiocese of Dublin and the Vatican.  I’ve no reason to doubt his account.  News of this came after the release of yesterday’s vortex.  This is just the latest of the pope’s smooch-ups to gays; there will be more soon enough, I’m sure.
I’ve rehearsed these old problems because tomorrow Church Militant will host a webinar called “Catholic and Gay”.  It will ostensibly instruct the faithful Catholic in how to combat the gay infestation in the Church.  I’ve no doubt that many good points and suggestions will be made in that regard.  However, if Church Militant continues to side-step the proverbial “elephant in the living room” regarding the pope’s own fostering of gays within the Church, the information they present will be woefully incomplete.  The same goes for those who still refuse to acknowledge the objective harm caused by this pope; their efforts to improve the church will be stymied.  It’s time for them – including Church Militant – to admit the truth so it can be addressed.
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2 comments on “FrankenPope Owns The Sodomite Problem In The Church

  1. Well, DC, you did well but some of the old hands here on AQ had the fella from the Hair Club for Men with his spiraling No. 2 pencil pegged, years back.
    CM is a typical cultic gimmick to haul in subscribers who ooh! ‘n aah! their way through “broadcasts” promising to bring ’em to the “promised land of the real story” behind the crisis du jour.
    Of course, those who pony up find out they’re invariably left with only a 1/2 oz. of water in their canteen while stretched before them lie nothing but HUGE sand dunes, vultures circling overhead.
    PT Barnum probably never heard of the expression “Trad,” but had he, being a consummate huckster himself, he would have invested heavily in outfits like CM.

  2. One more item, NikitaRoncalli ( which is free, online ) describes the start of the sodomite invasion literally inside the Vatican under Paulo Sesto.
    See ya at the “canonization!” ( barf )

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