Why are there so few priests?

Why are there so few priests?

[“The inmates are still running the asylum”;  or, Goodbye, Good Men redux; i.e., the sodomites and liberals are still running the seminaries! Hat-tip to en.news – AQ Tom]

Some recent tweets from Fr. Dwight Longenecker’s Twitter for 6/9/18:

Report from a young seminarian: My first night at seminary there was a drinks party and the rector came in shorts and a T-shirt that had emblazoned on the front, “Am I gay?” and on the back, “Ask my boyfriend.”

Report from a former seminarian, “I was rejected by three dioceses, a monastery, a religious order and seminary because I was ‘too rigid’.

Report from a seminarian, “When some of us asked to use the chapel at night to pray the rosary together we were forbidden because ‘no one does that kind of stuff anymore.’ ”

Retweeted from Edward Adamus: And the elephant in the room of poor formation next to the mammoth in the room of some staff in seminaries as homophilic as the guys they are malforming will go on unchecked.



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