Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, ‘Girl-Wonder of the French Right’, Walks Pilgrimage to Chartres

Marion addressed CPAC in February, 2018
Marion addressed CPAC in February, 2018

This year’s Chartres Pilgrimage boosted a hefty dose of star power: “Chartres sonne, Chartres t’appelle! Gloire, honneur au Christ-Roi!” Under a radiant sky a stream of singing pilgrims stretches across the French countryside. It is Pentecost weekend and roughly 12,000 people are walking from Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris to Chartres, the cathedral town about 50 miles south of the capital.

The pilgrimage, which has taken place for the past 36 years, is organised by the traditionalist group Notre-Dame de Chrétienté (Our Lady of Christendom). This year the pilgrims are joined by Vatican liturgy chief Cardinal Robert Sarah.

But there is another star in the crowd: Marion Maréchal, niece of Front National leader Marine Le Pen. She is tackling the pilgrimage with a group of friends. At first, she keeps a low profile: she is just another pilgrim among pilgrims. But her anonymity does not last long. Other participants soon ask if they can be photographed with her. “Thank you for being here,” says one pilgrim after another.

Marion on Chartres Pilg 2

Marion Maréchal (middle) at a break on Pentecost Monday

Maréchal officially retired from politics last year after her aunt was heavily defeated by Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election. But this precocious figure, who became an MP in 2012 at the age of 22, already seems to be planning her return to front-line politics. Last autumn she helped to found L’Incorrect, a conservative magazine run by some of her followers and serving as a vehicle for her ideas. And last month she launched a private school in Lyon, the Institut de Sciences Sociales, Economiques et Politiques (Issep). Raheem Kassam, the former editor-in-chief of Breitbart London and chief adviser to Ukip leader Nigel Farage, is part of the teaching team.

…Her presence on the Chartres pilgrimage was significant. Maréchal is clearly counting on the Catholic Right to help her in her comeback.

Marion outside Chartres

REMNANT COMMENT: God’s inscrutable ways are not ours, and exactly how and why He sometimes chooses even broken vessels to accomplish His Will is one of the great mysteries of history. But He does.

I don’t know where this young lady will end up, but only the fool is not constantly scanning the horizon in France for any sign of the Divine Intervention that is absolutely inevitable where the Eldest Daughter of the Church is concerned.

France is far from a lost cause. And somehow I think it’s more than significant that this young lady keeps showing up at the premier traditional Catholic restoration event in the world today.

Remember, Marion Maréchal-Le Pen is no stranger to the Traditional Latin Mass. She attended the Dominican Sisters of the Holy Spirit’s Institution Saint-Pie X in Paris, where she received her First Holy Communion and Confirmation in the old Rite and regularly attended the TLM.

Hope springs eternal, friends. Keep it alive, and be wary of those constantly trying to tear down and dismiss these little signs of God’s grace at work, even in the prevailing darkness of modern-day France. Only the Devil has no hope.


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16 comments on “Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, ‘Girl-Wonder of the French Right’, Walks Pilgrimage to Chartres

  1. I have to check with a friend to learn if he was in this year’s pilgrimage. I think he was. If so, I hope he was photo’d alongside this woman, whose speech to the CPAC convention was wildly cheered!
    (I loathe CPAC’s concessions to queers and libertarianism, but Madame Marion Marechal-LePen quickly made them forget all about that nonsense!)

    Vive la Tradition! Mort au libéralisme!

  2. Considering the Twit that runs France 🇫🇷 married his teacher who is old enough to be his grandmother 👵, and the cow 🐮 running Germany 🇩🇪 is an ex East German Stasi operative, who is ruining the EU, Marion Le Pen looks like a shining Star 🌟! Although the Italian Prime Minister just closed Italian Ports to Migrant ships from Africa! That is good news for Italy 🇮🇹, not so much for The Bilderbergs or Soros. Hope the Pope’s man at the Conference had his room comped or more collection money down the drain ! Trap season starts soon, I know I would never miss a clay target 🎯 if LGTBQRF +++ Lover Jesuit Martin’s face was on the clay when it came out of the trap ! I must admit going to the range makes it easier to go through these posts ! The best one was that rector in the seminary, with the tee shirt 👚! You can’t make this stuff up ! Clown 🤡 Show the whole bunch of them ! Trump has them all on the run , the dumb Argentinian included !

  3. Pull! ( My best ever was 23/25 with a borrowed Browning O/U, Buffalo Gun Club, 1965. Never had a better score. My late father frequently had perfect scores but he had better than 20/20 vision into his 80s. I guess that’s why the 9th USAAC was happy he enlisted.)
    I join in your hopeful considerations of what Trump, Nigel Farage, et al may have begotten.
    And it is quite pleasant to speculate that the next St. Jeanne d’Arc might just be pilgrimaging to shore up grace before setting out to sack the miserably toadish thugs and thugettes in Paris and, eventually, Brussels! At any rate, her radiant smile must have feminazis gagging on their Perrier and projectile vomiting into their bidettes. ☺🇫🇷

  4. That is a great score ! Probably my best also ! Getting cataracts operated on in July ! One eye 👁 20/40 one 20/20 ! Still see double a bit when I look at the bead on the shotgun ! Use optics on the AR’s and pistols now. They help , arthritis is helped by the use of suppressors on the guns except shotguns, but I find 100 is the magic number ! That is the most rounds I can shoot now without my hands and wrists starting to hurt ! Was a time I could shoot all,day ! And hit something!

  5. Ahhh, youth! Yeah, cataracts are a real bummer.

  6. Btw, Skipper, I came across a FB photo of Canon Hesse ( at least it sure looks like him ) in full Colonial Army battle uniform firing what I presume is a flintlock long rifle! I’ll try to work with Tom to send it to you if my Android phone can copy it and then put it in an email to you.
    But first, I need to secure permission from the FB poster, a relative of Canon Hesse, to copy it.

  7. The commentary by obvious Hesse-haters is, of course, absurd. Such folk are to be pitied for their narcissistic vice.
    It was edifying to see responses from a few charitable, sentient Catholics still in possession of their right minds, however.
    Canon Hesse, as one responder pointed out, was meticulous in his discussions and strictly quoted authoritative Church documents to vindicate his arguments.
    Having seen BLEEPS!, unhinged cranks and narcissists at work for quite a time, now, I’m not surprised that bottom feeding Hesse-haters can’t keep from leaping at every opportunity to display their bitter ignorance via slander. But it never fails to produce indignation on my part.

  8. I fired a .50 LR only on one outing and was amazed how accurate it was. The group I shot was quite compacted at 50 yards. A real step back in time and very enjoyable.

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