FrankenPope Accepts the [Forced] Resignation of Chilean Bishops

FrankenPope Accepts the [Forced] Resignation of Chilean Bishops

[To cover up his coverup (i.e., previous denial) of their coverup! – AQ Tom] – 6/11/18

Pope Francis has accepted (June 11) the resignation of three Chilean bishops after all Chile’s 34 bishops offered to resign last month.

They are either older than 75 years or were close to the alleged homosexual abuser, Father Fernando Karadima:

Bishop Juan Barros, 62, of Osorno,
Bishop Gonzalo Duarte García, 76, of Valparaiso,
Archbishop Cristian Caro Cordero, 76, of Puerto Montt.

Previously the semi-official Vatican outlet, Il Sismografo, had announced that Francis would accept the resignation of eight Chilean prelates. If this is true, five more prelates will be sent into pension:

Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati, 76, of Santiago,
Bishop Alejandro Goic, 78, of Rancagua,
Bishop Horacio Valenzuela, 65, of Talca,
Bishop Tomislav Koljatic, 63, of Linares,
Auxiliary Bishop Andres Arteaga, 59, of Santiago.

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