Bishop Gracida Says It Again: FrankenPope Is An Antipope

Bishop Gracida Says It Again: FrankenPope Is An Antipope

[“The voice of one crying in the wilderness”! – AQ Tom] – 6/8/18

The present Church crisis can only be resolved by a group of cardinals who find that the election of “Francis the Merciful” in 2013 was invalid, Monsignor René Gracida (94), the retired bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas, wrote on June 2 on his blog “”.

Already in April, he stated that he considers Francis an anti-pope.

According to Gracida, some Cardinals including Jorge Bergoglio, violated Canon law by plotting what became known as the “St Gallen mafia”, and they are therefore now excommunicated.

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8 comments on “Bishop Gracida Says It Again: FrankenPope Is An Antipope

  1. May Bishop Gracida, by the grace of God and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, be elevated through miraculous means to the Chair of Peter to restore Catholicism to its rightful heritage. May he then welcome all those who have fought to retain Tradition in liturgy, practice and belief, including the SSPX and all isolated and marginalized groups, to communion with him in the battle to save souls.

  2. For the bishop’s argument to be proven correct would, of course, require actions atypical of even the few prelates with the fortitude to say anything at all, thus far.
    Such a reaction “could” come about but for the moment nothing is on the radar but isolated speeches from only three prelates: two cardinals and a bishop
    Elizabeth Yore’s legal brief on why Jorge should be lawyering up has, thus far, fallen upon deaf ears. Her case against Pope Cover-up is strong but the media has not picked up on it. Though anxious to destroy Catholic credibility by any means possible, the media is silent in the face of her collated evidence of papal obstruction.
    How can this be unless Francis enjoys Clinton/Obama-style protection from the mainstream media?
    A respected bishop’s claim of electoral fraud and an experienced attorney’s case against Francis’ direct involvement in an abuse case coverup are not simply crank hysteria.
    So, once again, how can this be?

    • “For the bishop’s argument to be proven correct”…?? IMO it has been proven correct by what we see happening in the church since the days of Pius XII. Remember, we are servants of Christ the King not some earthly masters. As long as we do not call for Divine Intervention, we shall have to live with the corruption prevalent in the newchurch of today.

  3. My apologies for the lack of clarity.
    I meant “proven” juridically. It was not an equivocation. I agree with the bishop as to the near certainty of the canonical ineligibiity of the St. Gallen Mafia. Yet, it must be proven by official canonical trial, despite its patent obviousness. And as of yet there is no indication such will ever oçcur.

  4. By the way, if Our Divine Lord in His Mercy decided to miraculously see Bishop Gracida elevated to the Chair of Peter it is fascinating to imagine who he would appoint as Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith? Someone like Bishop Athanasius Schneider perhaps? Imagination runs wild in this context. Egads, what immense power Our Lord has.

  5. Oh, I can see it now. Suddenly without warning, Fr. Bergoglio is transported back to Buenos Aires and his habit is changed from the white, papal garb to the black habit of a simple priest while Bishop Gracida is simultaneously transported to the papal apartments in Rome and dressed in the white and red papal garments of the Successor to St. Peter. Vatican TV and radio interrupts all programming with a special announcement that a miracle has occurred and a papal address is forthcoming. Pseudo bishops, cardinals and priests are scurrying to get out of town and avoid certain judgment and embarrassment. Christ Our King has taken charge of His Church!

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