Archbishop Sample, “I Can’t Wish Away Communion On The Hand”

Archbishop Sample, “I Can’t Wish Away Communion On The Hand” – 6/7/18

Portland archdiocese, USA, has published a video explaining how to receive Holy Communion.

It adheres to Catholic sacramental theology according to which receiving on the tongue is normal, but speaks also about communion on the hand as an alternative although this is the source of multiple abuses.

Portland Archbishop Sample recommended the video on Twitter (June 6) saying that “many people” criticised it for not showing “the most reverent way of receiving on the tongue while kneeling”.

Sample points out that the video [at least] mentions bowing before receiving “in case you are not kneeling”. He excuses himself saying that “we had to deal with the reality in front of us and do the best we can”.

The archbishop admits that he is under constraint to be “obedient” and admits that he “can’t simply wish away” what the [often crazy] directives “the Church” gives.

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2 comments on “Archbishop Sample, “I Can’t Wish Away Communion On The Hand”

  1. Unless and until prelates rediscover their extraordinary charism of office and openly renounce manifest errors and insults to God in the NO liturgy, there will be no counter-revolution. Trent was both word and action. Nothing less will suffice. It is an immemorial truth that error has no rights.

  2. ModRome, like Caesar, demands its own pinch of incense. And every time a truly good bishop concedes to its heretical demands, it is a setback to reform.
    And yes, Abp. Sample is a fine hierarch, a true friend of sincere Catholics and one who has almost no chance of convincing the USCCCP and the Motel 6 Mob of the gravity of NO liturgical abuse. But at the very least the principle that error has no rights must be taught and explained by those whose responsibility it is to defend those entrusted to them against error.

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