Vatican Secretary of State to attend Bilderberg Conference

Cardinal Pietro Parolin on official attendee list

[NuVatican officially joins the New World Order’s “steering committee” – AQ Tom]


This is a difficult topic to write about without having half of all readers immediately run away screaming, “conspiracy nuts!” We have no choice but to take this risk because the issue is too serious to ignore, and facts are facts. (For a sobering reality check on what sundry Popes have said about certain conspiracies against the Catholic Church, please see here.)

The official web site of the notorious globalist Bilderberg Conference has released its participants listfor this year’s meeting, which is scheduled for June 7-10 and will be held at the NH Lingotto hotel in Turin, Italy. Until recently, the attendee lists for these annual top-secret meetings of the world’s elite were always kept highly confidential, and it was only through leaked copies that the outside world could be informed of who was attending (aside from reporters of alternative media trying to identify individuals as they made their way to the conference, as can be seen here, for example [you’ll want to mute the video due to use of profanity]).

This year, the official participants list includes a name of particular significance: Cardinal Pietro Parolin of Vatican City. Parolin is the Vatican Secretary of State, which means he is FrankenPope’s right-hand man. He is second only to Francis himself in terms of importance and influence in the Vatican II Sect. This is the first time, as far as we know, that a member of the Modernist pseudo-Catholic church has been invited to participate in a Bilderberg meeting. “…[S]ome say [Parolin] will deliver a secret message written by Pope Francis to his minions”, writes Leo Zagami in a post covering this news story.

Those who are not familiar with the topic of the Bilderbergers may not grasp how significant Parolin’s attendance is, so a little background is in order.

The first Bilderberg meeting took place in 1954 at the Hotel de Bilderberg in Oosterbeek, Netherlands (hence the nickname for the group). An official web site for the Bilderberg Conference has only existed since 2010. Before then, an official web presence would have been unthinkable, as the very existence of the Bilderberg Conference had long been firmly denied by those involved and there has always been a complete and total ban of any media coverage (which is why you never heard about these conferences from your mainstream news source). Thus very few people are aware that all of the following high-profile individuals have secretly participated in the Bilderberg Conference at one time or another: Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Ben Bernanke, George H. W. Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, and many others.

Despite the strict prohibition of media coverage, a few courageous people (such as investigative journalist Daniel Estulin) have long tried to discover and report on whatever they could about conference locations, attendees, and topics, and about the nature and goals of the Bilderberg group. With the complete blackout of mainstream media coverage, anyone who insisted that the secret Bilderberg meetings were real were naturally always ridiculed as “conspiracy theorists.” With the rise of alternative media, however, the policy of complete secrecy became increasingly difficult to maintain, and for this reason it seems the Bilderbergers have judged it more prudent now to publish an official web site, announce the conference and its participants, and act as though the annual meetings were simply an innocuous “forum for informal discussions, designed to foster dialogue between Europe and North America”, as their home page claims.

So now in 2018, Cardinal Parolin will be the first guest from Vatican City to ever attend a Bilderberg Conference. Appropriately, it is the 66th such meeting. What’s surprising here is not so much that a representative from the Vatican II Church would participate in such a gathering, but that we’re at a point now where they are not even concerned about having his name show up on an officially-released attendee list of such a covert, conspiratorial, and anti-Catholic enterprise.

People who are interested in finding out more about the highly secretive Bilderberg conferences and their nefarious aims are encouraged to do a little bit of their own resarch on the internet. YouTube in particular will prove very useful in this regard, as video footage always speaks louder than words on a page. The following resources will also prove helpful:

“For every one that doth evil hateth the light, and cometh not to the light, that his works may not be reproved. But he that doth truth, cometh to the light, that his works may be made manifest, because they are done in God” (Jn 3:20-21).


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20 comments on “Vatican Secretary of State to attend Bilderberg Conference

  1. With Monsieur Jeffrey Sachs and only-Netanyahu-knows-how-many other Sorosian flaks, goons and troglodytes holding high profile “commission” posts in sunny Nuovo Roma since 2013, this latest Bilder-bungling BBQ ( a recherche reincarnation of the “Appalachian Meeting” at the estate of one Joe “the Barber” Barbara that netted 62 Mob bosses for eager beaver crime busters in 1957 ) would be somehow incomplete, lacking in that certain, how shall I say?, je n’ais se quoI were the suave, debonair cardinal / consigliere to Don Bergoglio to absent himself. Ne le serait-il pas?

  2. Top Vatican cardinal to join elite globalists in secretive ‘Bilderberg’ meeting
    Dorothy Cummings McLean
    TURIN, Italy, June 6, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A top Vatican cardinal will join globalist elites from Western Europe and America in a secretive behind-closed-doors meeting this week to discuss the populist rise in Europe as well as the U.S. midterm elections, among other things.
    Pietro Cardinal Parolin, 63, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, has been invited to join the globalist Bilderberg Meeting for 2018 in Turin, Italy.
    The Bilderberg meetings have been used as a forum for world elites since 1954 to further their vision for the world. Attendees are free to use information from the discussions. No one is allowed to reveal who said what.
    High-profile individuals who have participated in the Bilderberg meeting at one time or another include elites such as David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Emma Bonino, Pierre Elliott Trudeau.
    This week, 128 participants from 23 countries will discuss twelve themes: “populism” in Europe; “inequality”; “the future of work”; artificial intelligence; the “US before midterms”; free trade; “US world leadership”; Russia; quantum computing; Saudi Arabia and Iran; “the ‘post-truth’ world”; and current events. Last year so-called “populism” was eighth on the agenda; this year it is first. Governments derided as populist have been elected in both Czech and Italy since last year’s meeting.
    According to its own literature, the purpose of the annual Bilderberg Meeting is to “foster dialogue between Europe and North America.”
    Some Vatican observers are wondering if Parolin will deliver a special message from Pope Francis to attendees. Since his election in 2013, Pope Francis has backed globalist causes, such as climate change and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Parolin will be the first guest from Vatican City to ever attend a Bilderberg meeting.
    The cardinal is one of the most powerful Curial officials and has been regarded by Vatican watchers as positioned to succeed Francis. Parolin has asserted that Pope Francis’ teaching in Amoris Laetitia represents “a paradigm shift” for the Church. He has been criticized by Chinese Cardinal Zen for the Vatican’s “suicide” deal with China. And he was involved along with the Vatican in the hire of a pro-gay law firm that sought to shut down a Catholic website critical of Pope Francis.
    Critics of the Bilderberg Meetings Foundation believe the meetings subvert democracy.
    “The highly secretive yearly meeting of the Bilderberg Group has come under increasing scrutiny with each passing year,” Daniel McAdams told LifeSiteNews. McAdams is the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.
    “These Bilderberg globalists disdain the non-elites and particularly resent national sovereignty and the popular vote,” McAdams continued. “Their top-down ‘we know what’s best for you’ approach hurts rather than helps the world’s poorest.”
    Among those who will air their views on “populism” and other topics are historian-journalist Anne Applebaum; her husband, Polish politician Radoslaw Sikorski; Bank of England chief Mark Carney; diplomat Henry Kissinger; Peggy Noonan of the Washington Post; George Osbourne, Britain’s former Chancellor of the Exchequer; RyanAir chief Michael O’Leary; Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel—and Cardinal Parolin.
    The way McAdams sees it, Cardinal Parolin is an unusual choice of guest.
    “While the Roman Catholic Church is truly a global organization, it is thankfully not a globalist organization,” he said. “While the inclusion of Cardinal Parolin in this year’s meeting should not necessarily draw our scorn, we should understand that the Bilderbergers and similar groupings of the largely unelected elite more often than not stridently oppose rather than endorse Catholic teaching.”
    McAdams named tech billionaire Bill Gates as a regular attendee of the Bilderberg Meetings, and pointed out his clash with Catholic teaching on life and family.
    “He is on record endorsing some of the most anti-Catholic views imaginable,” McAdams told LifeSiteNews. “At a TED talk a few years ago, Gates openly opined on how we can lower the world’s population by a billion.”
    Gates was airing his theories about how to stop global climate change, which he believes is man-made.
    “His recommendation? By using ‘new vaccines, health care and reproductive health services, we could lower (the population) by perhaps 10 or 15 percent,” said McAdams, quoting Gates. “That means killing babies to get to his goal of reducing carbon dioxide output.”
    McAdams wondered if Parolin was attending the meeting to evangelize the world elites or to network with them.
    “Were Cardinal Parolin to attend the meeting and deliver an uncompromising defense of the Catholic position on matters such as life and the principles of subsidiarity, we should be pleased that he ‘flew the flag’ in otherwise hostile territory,” he said.
    “However, if his only purpose is to rub shoulders with the elites and in so doing grant a kind of legitimacy to an event that undermines our Catholic principles, then we should view his participation very negatively,” McAdams concluded.
    A media representative from the Bilderberg Meetings told LifeSiteNews that their guests are chosen as private individuals, not as representatives of their employers or firms.
    “The Bilderberg meeting have always seen a high diversity of sectors, backgrounds and opinions,” wrote the Bilderberg Media Team. “Participants take part as individuals in their own right.”
    “For us, the key question is whether participants have an interesting perspective to contribute, independently from their affiliation of function,” they added.

  3. Since the Bilderberg cult is a front group for the Illuminati and Malthusian globalists pushing population control, global warming hysteria, and global socialism, it is not a conspiracy “theory” but an actual conspiracy in plain sight. Why they want a modernist Cardinal from Bergoglio’s menagerie there, take a few guesses. The Pope and curial modernists have already hosted population control freaks from the Illuminati, freemasons, and UN at the Vatican. Maybe they just want to bring the whole Spirit of Vatican II modernist freakshow into the fold of esoteric neo-Gnosticism for ritual or occult purposes.

    Then again, maybe there will be a panel on the global menace and dangers of air conditioning and they need a modernist up to speed on the modernist moral theology on that. Who knows…

    This is probably in the same vein as when Father Hesburgh was invited to join the Rockefeller Foundation. Some Illuminati freemason found a weak, vain modernist cardinal and described the wine list and the entrees of the catered buffet.

  4. Since the public is not informed as to what is actually going on, behind the PR smoke screen, at Blubberbungler soirres almost any guess is as good as another.
    Years ago John Vennari handed me a CD of a talk delivered at a CFN event by the investigative reporter Randy Engle, a name familiar to many traditional folks.
    She detailed in her address another speech, given in 1968 in Pittsburgh, by a Dr. Day, a neonatologist and a member of the Rockefeller Foundation.
    The speech was to fellow physicians and Day insisted it not be recorded and no notes were to be taken. When he heard that announcement, a skeptical MD took note and DID take notes. (Deo gratias!)
    Frankly, if what Engle spoke to really did take place, it amounted to an insider’s gloating prophecy of a number of events, trends, inventions and morality revolutions that, 50 years later, HAVE ALL OCCURED. None of them existed in 1968 but they are historical facts today.
    Early on, Day openly told the doctors that cancer cures were already known but that, because of “overpopulation”, Day’s ascended masters decided these cures were to be withheld from patients since, “We all have to die of something.”
    Day also predicted the VCR, the legal overturn of restrictions against sodomy, abortion, pornography, civil divorce, parental rights to safeguard students, etc,, etc., etc. He also stated that America had had it ” too good for too long ” and that globalization would systematically disembowel US industry.
    Of particular note, Day told the MDs not to expect Catholic resistance to these then-upcoming moral catastrophes. He said, “Church leaders will help us and not stand in our way.” (my paraphrase)
    I believe Mrs. Engle has a summary of her transcript on the web and it may be possible to still acquire a copy of the CD from CFN.

    • If what Bella Dodd claimed about homo Communist infiltration of the church hierarchy was true, Dr. Day may not have been far off. Now the modernist fruitcakes pretending to be priests just roll over for the Illuminati. Look at that prissy fake priest in the president’s office at Notre Dame or the liberal queer finishing off what’s left at Holy Cross.

  5. We may now know what the leather bondage mask at the Met is for. It’s part of the costume for the modernist cardinal attending the Bilderberg secret society gala. Think Eyes Wide Shut.

  6. Whether Dodd’s claims are ever proven is anyone’s guess. As mentioned quite recently, however, NKVD/KGB “priests” did infiltrate the inner sanctum of both Pius XI and Pius XII, causing terrible damage. On those matters, historical records do exist.
    As for J23, his official record of being hauled onto the carpet for openly giving aid, comfort, his episcopal support and only-Bibi Netanyahu-knows-what-else to the Italian Communist Party, years prior to his papacy, speaks for itself.
    The nearly 40 year era prior to V2 saw a series of policy and staffing foulups in the Vatican, although there can be no doubt of the correctness and aim of Pius XI & XII in trying to blunt Soviet goals.
    Yet, in that the midst of those sad efforts all sorts of enemy agents could have set up shop, using clerical status for cover.
    Considering what Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames accomplished before their arrest, one must shudder to think of what some motivated subversives may equally have pulled off without detection in the quieter precincts of the Vatican.

  7. The KGB also infiltrated the Civil Rights movement in the 60’s to help destabilize US Government during the Vietnam War ! I saw the Top Secret Repots in the 60’s and Trump just declassified them with the JFK documents ! The traitors were paid in Mexico City at the Russian Embassy! Some of the low life traitors are still alive !some are still in Government some are still activists! Garbage all !

  8. It almost doesn’t even matter whether the KGB, NKVD, the STASI, Alta Vendita, the Fabian Society, Bavarian Illuminati, or the Grand Orient Lodge put them in there, the damage has been done. However, it would be one twisted pervert Communist to come up with the fashionista art fag carnival at that Met gala with the S&M bondage mask in New York where Cardinal Dolan and Father Martin were clowning around with the glitterati.

    • The Dolan , Martin, event was just a side show, that is not what I am talking about ! Those two fools are irrelevant! The Pope is also,a useful tool of the Marxists but plays no real importance , no one with a brain 🧠 listens to him anyway!

  9. The Vietnam 🇻🇳 War protestors were just useful idiots of the KGB ! Friends in other intelligence services who had infiltrated these groups corroborated the Russian involvement ! Still going on , same groups , different names !

  10. I wasn’t commenting on your post.

    How about a guy performing Aleister Crowley black magic rituals to demons? If you want the hair on the back of your neck to stand up just check out what the anti-Catholic secret societies do to Catholic institutions, as I found out in the Jesuits.

    But if someone has a serious spiritual problem and goes to a parish for help and finds one of those modernist fruitcake clowns pretending to be a priest they have a more serious problem. There is nothing funny about the collapse of the Archdiocese of New York into modernist fruitcake clowning and buffoonery. Anti-Catholic Protestants are starting to use that stuff for their propaganda. The number of people that have been turned away from the Catholic Church because of homo modernism and the diabolical disorientation of Vatican II is a problem.

    • That is very true ! There are many levels of betrayal ! I was talking about a National Level of betrayal and could name individuals, but that would not be useful in this venue. But you are correct, Religious Betrayal is just as damaging and diabolical! We are not only being sold out by our “ leaders “ in the Government but on a large part by our religious “ leaders “ as well ! In the shadow world, nothing ever is ,as it appears to be ! One cannot depend on any of these Buffoons for Spiritual Guidance! They know less than most of those on this site, who had 16 years of pre Vatican 2 religious education! They only pretend ! It is obvious when you listen to them ! Pope included!

  11. Actually, fruitcake modernist clergy are not irrelevant. They do a LOT of damage and bankrupt dioceses and Catholic schools when they get in control. A lot of people see that and think that’s the Catholic Church. The whole Novus Ordo freak-show menagerie of liberal queers pretending to be priests. They use that absurd stuff for anti-Catholic propaganda. Every time someone listens to that and abandons the faith, that’s another soul lost. Multiply that exponentially and you get the anti-life vote for abortion in Ireland. Here in the U.S. we had “Catholics” voting for Obama and Hillary. It will happen again. Apostates and progressive modernists will destroy civilization if left to their Alinskyite puppeteers and their globalist handlers.

    Some closet case idiot pseudo-conservative over at National Review was just writing the other day how there never really was any threat of infiltration from an International Communist conspiracy or Fifth Columnists. Nope. Everything’s fine, apparently. Meanwhile, the former head of the CIA under Obama was a Communist and Obama was/is an Alinskyite Marxist Manchurian candidate with their pals working on a progressive “Catholic Spring” project to soften up Catholic voters for global socialism and population control.
    So, what do you know, now some homo modernist cardinal is going to be lionized at Bilderberg. Have Spadaro explain that modernist arithmetic of 2+2=5 again. Sometimes 2+2 equals 4 Communist homo puppets for the Illuminati.

  12. Someone should ask the Papal Posse on EWTN what they think a Catholic Cardinal attending the Bilderberg conference is about. That would prove very interesting. They have the Opus Dei contacts in Europe for some good gossip and neo-Catholic modernist disinformation to be analyzed and deciphered.

    How about it, Raymond? Any updates from the O.D. supernumeraries on this Bilderberg shindig?

    Make sure to flash us the right signs.

  13. You are correct! What do you do ,you ask ? One can only affect a small,group, especially at my age. I have seen this go on, my whole life ! What you out line is true , but at this point if one is not in a position of power or influence , there really is not much one can do except be true to ones self ! I think I am going to shoot Sporting Clays tomorrow and try out a new shotgun! Probably will not hit much either ! We are in a Clockwork 🍊 Orange world 🌎! Look at England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿,especially London ! The Great unwashed have taken over and the people cannot defend themselves ! This will spread as the migrants gain more power ! I would think this Bilderberg Meeting with the Cardinal is to try and convince everyone to bring in more heathens under the guise of the poor and downtrodden! Again more useful idiots ! Different Masters !

  14. Well, you can’t call Rome, or the current Pope, or virtually any modernist bishop hell-bent on adjusting the Church to the modern world and modern culture. If another Alinskyite gets in power here in the U.S., it’s pretty much over (i.e., civilization).

    For whatever reason, the anti-Christian secret societies intend to destroy Western civilization for some crazy, neo-Gnostic, Illuminati “order out of chaos” scenario (ordo ab chao in Latin is the actual phrase the Illuminati use for their apocalyptic “Hegelian dialectic” method). Apparently, bringing western countries to such states of barbarism and mayhem that people will beg for the U.N. to come in and impose order and stability. This appears to be the agenda.

    Destroying the Catholic Church and neutralizing its political, moral, spiritual, and cultural influence is a preliminary stage to the totalitarian secularist global socialism and coercive population control they aspire to impose globally. The clerical modernists of the Spirit of Vatican II are the useful idiots for this agenda. Communist and Alinskyite Marxist movements are just methods for a larger, weirder, occult agenda and goal. The Gnostic alchemy of destroying women’s wombs and maternal instincts, while emasculating men with Frankfurt School gender bending social engineering programs are just the tip of the iceberg. But, for whatever reason, they really get their jollies from using the Catholic Church and its colleges for this agenda.

  15. Correct ! Soros and his group had no luck with the last Pope, but when Francis came in, they knew they had their useful stooge. They were not counting on the rise of populism and Brexit. Then Trump happened, the collapse,of the Deep State, and with Belgium 🇧🇪 stating today for the EU to survive, they have to close the borders, and deport the migrants,while a few days ago, the Italians told the migrants to pack their 💼 bags and the gravy train 🚊 is over ! Also the Merkel govt was caught taking bribes to let retuning Jihadiis back into Germany 🇩🇪! The Globalsts are coming up short! It is all about the money ! The Churches get a lot of money from taxpayers to bring in people who will ruin the country that brings them in ! The Vatican does not want to lose the Money 💰! Germany and France along with Sweden 🇸🇪 are a mess with crime out of control, and Britain is about to leave the EU ! So the great population replacement programs in these Countries are suddenly in big trouble! Hence the Bilderberg meeting ! Trumps MAGA is making mincmeat with their plans and the New World 🌍 Order ! Now we wait for the next move ,although it is quite predictable! Subject for another day !

  16. These are Illuminati, freemasons, globalist socialists, Malthusians, and population control freaks. Part of their strange and bizarre anti-Christian game is to mock Christian apocalyptic and prophetic symbolism by aping it (parody). Inviting a cardinal of the Catholic Church fits in an anti-Christian strategy of creating conflict and division between conservative Protestants and Catholics who are obstacles to their population control agenda. By creating the appearance of a Catholic cardinal cooperating with the Bilderberg banksters this moves the Pope as the Antichrist narrative forward to generate hysteria among evangelical Protestants. Divide and conquer. Just as Satanists get their jollies from a black Mass on consecrated ground.

    Who thinks they really want to hear the Catholic position on birth control and population issues? Or subsidiarity. It is like inviting Cardinal Dolan to the art fag gala at the Met. Inversion. Inverting and subverting the sacred and holiness.

  17. Another stunning insight into what takes place behind the backs of those who “think” they are operating sub rosa.
    Wheels within wheels. Well done, Howl!

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