Russia Opposes Western Suicide

Russia Opposes Western Suicide

Gloria.TV News – 6/4/18

While the Western Regimes embark in abortion suicide – the last example is Ireland – the blog Turley Talks has pointed out that a pro-life Russia emerges. In Russia a revitalized Orthodox Church has been working hard to see Russia’s abortion industry overturned completely. Abortions have decreased eight-fold in Russia over the past 25 years. Again it becomes clear why Russia is hated by the Western Regime: Because she is doing the right things.

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6 comments on “Russia Opposes Western Suicide

  1. Meanwhile, countries such as the Ukraine, long known as collaborator to Nazism, today willingly collaborate with the globalist interests to undermine Russia and destabilize it. Russia was promised at Fatima that it will convert to the Catholic Faith. We traditional Catholics need to stand by and guide Russia with charitable patience and brotherly love. Lets keep in mind, that a person or country is Catholic even before they fully convert, if they stay open and act on the Graces sent them by God.

  2. Is this possibly connected with Fatima and the apocalyptic Marian prophecy of Fatima that Russia “will be converted” and play some role in the rebirth and revival of Christianity?

    I realize modernists tend to poopoo all alleged prophecies from Fatima that sound like supernatural Catholic triumphalism, but it does seem interesting that there is this conservative Christian point of view on moral matters coming out of Russia now (while Western nations seem hell-bent on civilizational suicide and anti-Christian deconstruction, with prodding from the Illuminati and global elite as part of this Malthusian global warming hysteria that never runs out of idiots and moronic celebrities ready to embrace it).

  3. Fatima’s message, like the one given through St. Margaret Mary Alocoque to three successive French Kings, was and is conditional: Either do this or face that.
    So, the most that can be reasonably said is that all speculation is nothing more. It can be argued either way as to whether what puny steps, or no steps at all, taken by Pius XI right through today’s Pontifex Maximus, have wrought graces on their own merits -all short of meeting the easy-to-fulfill terms offered a century ago.
    Nevertheless, Russia is nothing if not pragmatically patriotic. Efforts to stave off a demographic collapse should not surprise. And since Ortho prelates have a 70 year history as communist agents, I can’t get too worked up about their so-called spiritual good will. Even if they are on the right side, for the moment.

  4. We tend to focus on the Pope and bishops consecrating Russia…
    We gloss over the part where people are supposed to be converting to the Catholic Faith and Catholics are supposed to be doing the Five First Saturdays devotions ( along with the usual praying the rosary daily, fasting,. alms, and penance).

  5. AT, I have seen the argument that had Pope Pius XI actually performed the Consecration, following extensive efforts by Sr. Lucia and supportive clergy right up to 1938-39, there would never have been a Second World War and the USSR would have collapsed.
    Looking at what the Portugese faithful under the VERY Catholic Salazar regime accomplished from the late 1920s into the mid-1960s, following repeated pleas by the united Catholic hierarchy in union with innumerable faithful Catholic laity, for God to spare and restore their own homeland – an historical reality to which Pope Pius XII dedicated a deeply moving, pious radio broadcast to everyone in Portugal – one would have to be either an atheist or a protestant to fail to see how generously God rewarded the truly obedient Portugese for their efforts.
    All you say is very true, my friend, and it SHOULD be at the top of every prelate’s priorities. Nevertheless, even JPII made it crystal clear that his own ceremony in the 1980s was not what Our Lady asked for. It remains an open, unfulfilled issue between Heaven and the Vatican, now in its 80th year of incompleteness.

  6. Erratum: Pius XI died in 1938. I do not recall how soon after that Sr. Lucia’s constantly frustrated efforts resumed with Papa Pacelli.

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