Again And Again – Francis Refuses to Kneel In Front of the Blessed Sacrament – 6/4/18

Pope Francis celebrated a Corpus Christi Mass on June 3 in Ostia near Rome.

In his homily he focused on Jesus [allegedly] preparing for us “a place and a meal”.

The procession after Mass was led by another priest. In the first row behind the monstrance went a group of women wearing white albs, looking like deaconesses.

Francis preceded the concluding with the Eucharistic Blessing. A kneeler was prepared standing in front of the altar.

As usual Francis refused to kneel or bow his knee before the Blessed Sacrament.

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4 comments on “Again And Again – Francis Refuses to Kneel In Front of the Blessed Sacrament

  1. To have a kneeler and refuse to use it just shows the obstinate nature of this vile claimant to the papacy. How long, Lord?

  2. The charitable explanation is, I believe, that the Pope who is 81 years old has some medical condition which makes standing back up after kneeling quite difficult (without assistance). Given the other modernist innovations of his pontificate, it may be understandable that some would wish to conclude that the Pope’s choreography during Mass indicates a lack of reverence for the real presence and transubstantiation at work in the Blessed Sacrament. In this case, that may not be the case. People with real medical conditions and physical disabilities can be extended the benefit of the doubt in such situations. If that is the situation for Pope Francis he may not necessarily be at fault in this instance.

    • My suggestion in this case is for someone with stature, not just the faux media, ask him forthright: “Holy Father, why is it that you do not genuflect during the elevation of the Host and Chalice at Mass?” It is something that without, explanation, is confusing to those steeped in the Faith. And, may I remind you that he apparently has no qualms about kneeling before Muslims to wash their feet.

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