A revolution is coming to America. Where will you stand?

A revolution is coming to America. Where will you stand?

June 4, 2018 (The Wanderer via LifeSiteNews) – Father Jim Schall, S.J., doesn’t excite easily. His writing and teaching abound in thoughtful insights that make being brilliant look easy. So, when he recently published his musings “On America’s impending revolution,” it brought on what Joe Sobran once called “the qualm before the storm.” Father Schall wasn’t kidding.

In the endless outrage, violence, filth, and murderous epithets that typify the Left’s opposition to Donald Trump, Father Schall sees the destruction of what Aristotle describes as our civic virtues – friendship, comity and goodwill – without which a community cannot live in peace. Since Karl Marx, the Left’s ideology has emphasized class struggle as the path to ultimate victory, to be achieved by violence whenever necessary. Trump’s presidency does not constitute a mere pause in the revolution, but the threat of an actual defeat. He must therefore be stopped – even killed. In the Left, Father Schall observes “a bitterness and, among many, a persistent effort to end, as soon as possible, the new presidency even by calling for his assassination.”

In this progression of escalating outrage, the president defies the Left and seems to be accomplishing more, not less, with each passing day. Father Schall channels Victor Hanson, a classicist scholar of revolutions, to calmly conclude that “it cannot go on like this. The danger will arise from a left desperate to stop any gradual success of the current presidency…. The more he succeeds, the more likely the revolution.”

Father Schall is one of the most able political theorists of our times. When he’s worried, we should all be worried. And, as if you needed it, let me add that the optimists who insist “the pendulum always swings back” must confront the reality that, eventually, it doesn’t.

And this time it won’t, because it can’t.

Many elite institutions that have been the engine of the American Left have not only run out of gas, they have self-destructed. What were once the major media have been reduced to a vulgar pack of barbarians, each trying to outdo the other in a mutual primal scream. Witness the recent White House Correspondents Dinner, so laced with hatred and scatological tirades that the event might never be held again. What was once journalism has become a back-alley brawl of perpetual delinquents and hacks seething with resentment. The longtime dean of a major journalism school tells me he has only contempt for everyone who voted for Trump – and a generation of reporters undoubtedly digested his view as the party line required to succeed.

“Professional reporting” is dead, and Hollywood is no better. For half a century, it has pushed the envelope not only to embrace the sexual revolution but to put it in a pedestal, worshipping violence and sexual deviance and self-indulgence. As its image collapses, stars turn on each other in rage. Women scream at men who apparently took feminists at their word, only to find that not all of them were secretly longing to be violently assaulted. Bill Cosby, “America’s Dad,” is now going to prison for rape, while Harvey Weinstein’s boorish obscenities have brought down his movie empire, and much of Tinseltown with it.

One needs only mention higher education and the bipartisan government establishment to recognize the specter of rot and corruption. Senator John McCain, in a book blurb translated into plain English, publicly announces that, now that he’s dying, he can finally tell the truth.

How nice.

One after another, America’s time-honored institutions have hollowed out. The radical Left can no longer appeal to those secular symbols of stability to justify its rule. Nor can the left turn to damage control as an option: its traditional avenues to power and influence are beyond repair. Their credibility has been shredded in public view. The ruins offer them no solace.

They can no longer rule by feigned persuasion. All that is left is force, and time is running out. The “collusion with Russia” story is dead, and the Deep State operators desperately trying to lynch the president are themselves being referred for criminal trial.

As Danton cried as the French Revolution exploded, “Toujours de l’audace!” Always audacity!

Last summer the audacious Left-wing Bernie Sanders volunteer James Hodgkinson came close to massacring dozens of Republican senators and representatives practicing baseball. The fortunate presence of one police detail stopped him. The “professional” media scarcely took public notice. They are much more interested in a stripper supposedly connected to Trump years ago. An Internet search reveals that the New York Times has mentioned her ten times as often as it has the wannabe Democrat mass murderer Hodgkinson.

When will this “impending revolution” break out into the open? Well, Vladimir Lenin’s newspaper was called Iskra, “The Spark.” Today’s Left foments revolution, but the event that will spark it cannot be predicted. Who knew on July 14, 1789, that the release from the Bastille of the Marquis de Sade, a lewd, insane sex pervert, would lead to the French Revolution, the terror, and the Vendee? Who knew on July 26, 1953, that Fidel Castro’s failed raid on the Moncada Barracks in Santiago de Cuba would lead to his takeover six years later? Earlier this week, radical leftists all over the world sent hundreds of thousands of violent demonstrators into the streets to destroy property, set fires, and attack police to celebrate May Day.

It can happen here.

While we can’t foresee the spark, we can try to prevent it. This past week, at the Republican team’s first baseball practice, a veritable army of law enforcement at every level surrounded the field. They know that violence is brewing. They can’t be everywhere. Nonetheless, they know.

And someone else knew too. Before his retirement in 2014, Chicago’s Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., said, “”I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.” Many wondered, how can this be?

We can’t predict the spark, but we can examine the motive. Consider: our old Catholic friend and scholar Erik von Kuehneldt-Leddihn writes that “the atrocities of the French Republicans were committed under the slogan of Liberty, Fraternity and Equality.” Rousseau provided the slogans, but de Sade provided the motive. The Paris mob was quickly caught up in the murderous violence, not because of abstractions but spurred by blood lust soaked with sexual savagery so vile that it escapes mention in most textbooks, even though it lay at the core of the genocide of hundreds of thousands throughout France, especially the Vendee and Bretagne.

Why must they be annihilated? Because they were Catholic. They represented the wholesale rejection and condemnation of the revolution. Which brings us back to Cardinal George and the driving force of the cultural decay of the last fifty years: the sexual revolution and the pill. Today, abdicating to the Culture of Death, the federal courts recognize only one “right” that has no limits at all: Sex.

Notice that Cardinal George predicts that his successor’s successor will be martyred not in the dank basement of a prison but in a “public square,” teeming with a mob cheering the execution of someone so vile as to call their unbounded sexual lusts “sinful.”

Off with his head!

In The Exorcist, an enraged Satan spews vulgarities at the priest, screaming that his mother offers sexual favors in Hell. Incredibly, the “comic” at the Correspondents Dinner used stunningly similar language in attacking Trump supporters.

Like Satan, she knows when she’s licked.

We know what we’re up against. Today ninety percent of the population under forty has been told not to think, but to “feel good about themselves.” And most often that means simply to “feel good,” period. That is all the formal “education” they have. From the snowflakes on campus to the high-and-mighty media screaming profanities and celebrating hate, feelings rule.

As Hannah Arendt put it long ago, “The aim of totalitarian education has never been to instill convictions but to destroy the capacity to form any.”

The mobs cheering the execution of Chicago’s future Archbishop will be motivated by the same base lusts that have motivated every Leftist revolution: lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, superbia vitae (1 John 2:16). Of course, the mob will eventually begin killing its own. When there are no limits, there are no “safe zones” for the snowflakes. As Dostoevsky puts it, “If there is no God, then everything is permitted.”

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3 comments on “A revolution is coming to America. Where will you stand?

  1. “Like Satan, she knows when she’s licked.”
    Satan is not licked. Al these “Black Lives Matter” and gay and lesbian and proabortion mobs werr there before Trump was even taken seriously as a Republican candidate. Al Sharpton and other similar demogoges and those groups that claimed to support the “lifestyles”, “victimhood” and “justice” for delinquents, derelicts, criminals, “hobos”, fornicators, and drug users- these were also there long ago. There are people with money such as Soros and the media and universities that always gave preference to leftist groups and agendas. What makes them more radical is that people in the mainstream now have been fully indoctrinated and uncritically accept their indoctrination as objective reality. Even the Pope does not see clearly anymore.

  2. I have been to told by Homeland Security to always be armed ! Every one knows and can feel there is “trouble brewing “ ! Keep your powder dry and your guns ready ! Bullets may become the new currency!

  3. Another potential problem in the US also !
    Prison: A Training Ground for Terrorists
    By Scott Stewart
    VP of Tactical Analysis, Stratfor

    Hundreds of convicted jihadists are scheduled to be released from prison in the next few years, and their numbers will be bolstered by those prisoners who have embraced extremism while behind bars.
    Prisons can serve as universities of crime for grassroots jihadists who lack terrorist tradecraft, and career criminals who convert will already possess skills useful in attacks.
    The released extremists will add to the caseload for overburdened government forces working to counter the jihadist threat.
    When Benjamin Herman, a 36-year-old Belgian, walked out of prison in Liege with a two-day pass on May 28, he was a man on a mission. That evening he killed a drug dealer he had met behind bars by beating him with a hammer. The next morning he attacked two policewomen from behind and repeatedly slashed them with a box cutter while screaming “Allahu akbar!” He took a service pistol from one of them and shot them both dead. He continued down the street and killed a man in a parked car before taking a woman hostage in a school. She was a Muslim and appealed to him to not hurt the children. His murderous mission, and life, ended soon after as he attempted to flee from the school. He exchanged gunfire with police, wounding four officers, and was shot dead.
    Herman’s deadly rampage is a reminder of the threat posed by radicalized prisoners who are released into society. While he was a European Belgian by birth, the career criminal converted to Islam in prison and reportedly came into the orbit of radical jihadists there. Prisons have long been fertile recruiting grounds, and Herman was just the latest criminal to find — or rediscover — Islam there before being drawn into the extremist vortex. This threat will persist because hundreds of jihadists are set to be released from prison in the West in the next few years.

    The Big Picture
    Along with returning foreign fighters and newly recruited grassroots operatives, jihadists released from prison will become another source of potential threats for security services to assess and monitor. They are also another reason why the jihadist threat in the West will continue at a relatively low — though potentially deadly — level.

    See The Jihadist Wars

    The Path From Crime to Jihad
    The transformation from petty criminal to jihadist terrorist has a long history and numerous high-profile examples. Some, such as failed shoe bomber Richard Reid and would-be dirty bomber Jose Padilla, were converts to Islam and jihadism. Others, such as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi — founder of the terrorist group that became the Islamic State — were lapsed Muslims who returned to their faith in prison. Quite often these prisoners are recruited by jihadists who are in jail for terrorist plots or for preaching their radical brand of Islam. For example, al-Zarqawi spent four years in prison in Jordan with the prominent jihadist ideologue Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi.
    In France, Charlie Hebdo attacker Cherif Kouachi and his friend Amedy Coulibaly, who murdered a police officer and attacked a kosher supermarket, were petty criminals who came under the influence of Djamel Beghal in prison. Beghal is expected to be released from prison by Aug. 5, 2018 after he was convicted for his role in a disrupted plot to bomb the U.S. Embassy in Paris in 2001 and was sentenced to 10 years. He has also been stripped of his French citizenship, and the government will probably deport him to Algeria upon his release.
    In Iraq, Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi spent time imprisoned at Camp Bucca. Many excellent books on the rise of the Islamic State, including ISIS: The State of Terror by Jessica Stern and J.M. Berger, have chronicled how that time was instrumental in deepening his radicalism. These books, especially Charles Lister’s The Syrian Jihad, also note the critical role that Syrian President Bashar al Assad played when he decided to release hundreds of jihadists from prison in 2011, helping lead to the group’s explosive growth.
    But radicalization in prison is not just a European or Middle Eastern problem. In Indonesia, extremists were part of a recent prison riot, indicating how the problem extends to the Asia-Pacific, including Australia. And the United States has seen several cases as well. In July 2005, ex-convicts Levar Haney Washington and Gregory Vernon Patterson were caught robbing banks in California as they tried to fund a jihadist plot to attack multiple targets. It seems that no country with criminals and prisons is immune from this potential for radicalization.
    Getting a Terrorist Education in Prison
    The skills that a criminal develops in planning and executing offenses — criminal tradecraft — are not that different from those needed by a terrorist. And that expertise is often far more useful for terrorist attacks in a hostile environment than the type of basic guerrilla warfare skills most jihadists are taught in training camps. In the past, I’ve noted the the similarities between the criminal and terrorist attack cycles.
    Jihadists have promoted the leaderless model in their calls for resistance, but this method has one notable flaw: It shortchanges grassroots extremists when it comes to learning terrorist tradecraft. This deficiency often leads to attackers struggling to make successful strikes. Or it can lead to their reaching out for help with bombs or other weapons and ending up being snared in government sting operations. This is where prisons come into play.

    Even an unskilled grassroots jihadist can get an incredible education while behind bars.

    Inmates often share tips and techniques, and it is not unusual for them to get instruction from other inmates in the martial arts or on the use of shanks and other simple weapons. They are also taught how to disarm law enforcement officers — this is why officers are trained on weapons retention. Indeed, such prison tutoring may have helped Herman prepare for his attack on the police officers in Liege.
    And the lessons learned and contacts established in prison can continue after criminals get out. Those illicit connections can help with attacks. In France, Coulibaly used his criminal acquaintances to get the weapons the Kouachi brothers used in the Charlie Hebdo attack and he used in his own attack. Toulouse shooter Mohamed Merah, another petty criminal, got his weapons in a similar way. He even purchased them with money he got through various crimes. And for al-Baghdadi, prison in Iraq enabled him to make contact with other extremists who would play critical roles in his successful plan to revitalize the damaged Islamic State.
    The Persistent Threat
    Prisons have been called criminal universities, and the skills radicalized inmates possess or grassroots jihadists gain while incarcerated make them a serious threat upon release. France’s terrorism prosecutor, Francois Molins, told BFM TV on May 28 that there are about 40 convicted terrorists slated to be released from its prisons in 2018 and 2019 — and that number is for just one country. Most of the terrorists who have conducted successful attacks were sentenced to long prison sentences. However, many others were arrested on lesser charges that carry shorter sentences, including document fraud, weapons possession and material support for terrorism. The ability of governments to detain and control these individuals is ending. The result will be a jump in the number of potential threats that must be watched, and governments around the world are already unable to monitor 24/7 all the threats they are aware of now. This will simply add to their problems as they scramble to identify, assess and surveil grassroots actors and returning foreign fighters.
    Of course, the threat is not limited to jihadists. Others are also drawn into radical belief systems, such as white supremacy and black separatism, or even join violent criminal gangs while in prison. Many inmates emerge from prison far more dangerous than when they entered. With rehabilitation and deradicalization programs having little success, released jihadists will pose a serious threat for the foreseeable future.

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