Cardinal Woelki on the Eucharist, “This is about life and death”

Cardinal Woelki on the Eucharist, “This is about life and death”

The Cologne Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki has defended the Holy Eucharist at the Corpus Christi Festival with dramatic words – In Essen Bishop Overbeck wanted to “sell” the giving of the Eucharist to Protestants with a psychological trick
[A situation “about life and death” or a debate about  whether “exceptions should (or should) not be codified as norms”? (See comment below) – AQ Tom]
Trans: Tancred – 6/2/18
Cologne ( The Cologne Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki defended the Holy Eucharist with dramatic words on Thursday following the pontifical ministry on Corpus Christi, and also addressed the debate on Protestant spouses receiving Communion. Woelki said, “This is about life and death, it’s about death and resurrection, it’s about eternal life, it’s about Christ, it’s about His Church and it’s all about what’s in it. Therefore, we must fight for it and seek the right way, not some way, but the way of the Lord which He shows us, and He alone is the way, the truth, and the life.” The Cologne Cardinal again rejected allegations that he had sent the letter to Rome behind the back of Cardinal Marx: “I say with the Holy Scriptures: I have appeared openly and freely and have written this and meant what was written and I would say it once again: we in Germany do not live on an island of the blessed, we are not a national church.” At the end of his speech, Woelki received great applause from the faithful in Cologne Cathedral.
In Essen, however, the local bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck had subtly pleaded for the release of the Eucharist to Protestants. Thus, the bishop claimed without proof, that Pope John Paul II had suggested a limited opening of Communion. According to Overbeck, there is currently no general admission of Protestant Christians to Communion. But then the bishop of Essen tried to verbally sell the release with a psychological trick. So he said that the common communion is possible, if in a marriage “salvation is at stake”. But he wants a “theologically responsible solution.”  Interesting in the context of the German Eucharist dispute is the language of its own press office, which spoke of “inferior bishops” in connection with the 7 bishops who turned to Rome.
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One comment on “Cardinal Woelki on the Eucharist, “This is about life and death”

  1. Cardinal Woelki Advocates Communion For Prots In Individual Cases – 6/2/18

    Protestant spouses in a mixed marriage can “in individual cases” receive Holy Communion, the ultraliberal Cologne Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki has claimed.

    According to German agency KNA (June 3), Wolki said in Bergisch Gladbach that the decision should be left to the priest and “personal conscience” although the discipline of the sacraments is not subject to private decisions.

    The only reason why Woelki opposes a document of the German bishops allowing Protestant Communion is that alleged “exceptions should not be codified as norms”.

    Woelki admitted that Protestant Communion is “already for a long time” pastoral praxis in Germany.

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