New Vatican document offers ‘Christian perspective on sport and the human person’ 

[To quote National Review (29 July 1961) concerning Pope John XXIII’s encyclical Mater et Magistra: “Whatever its final effect, it must strike many as a venture in triviality coming at this particular time in history”! – AQ Tom]
Catholic World News – 6/1/18
Editor’s Note: “Giving the best of yourself,” issued by the Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life, has five chapters: “Motives and Purpose,” “The Sport Phenomenon,” “Significance of Sports for the Human Person,” “Challenges in the Light of the Gospel,” and “The Church as a Key Protagonist.”
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3 comments on “New Vatican document offers ‘Christian perspective on sport and the human person’ 

  1. As per GC Dilsaver:

    “Organized sports, be they participatory or spectatorial, are especially powerful transmitter of the Total State’s propaganda due to their being both entertaining and participatory. Sports as well is a cause that elicits an energetic allegiance and loyalty that squanders and perverts (especially a male’s) the innate piety that is to be given only to the family and God. Sports fosters blind allegiance to a team; a my team (country) right or wrong mentality. So too, sports inculcate the belief that life is a level playing field, where rules are made up by decree. This is legal positivism, which is the life blood of the Total State, as opposed to God-given natural law, which is the nemesis of the Total State.”

    Dr. Dilsaver disagrees with the Vatican’s approbation of sports and addresses it in a specifically Catholic context in his book

    <i><a href="">Celebrating God-Given Gender: Masculinity & Femininity per Nature & Grace</a>. </i> He has a chapter on Gendercide that addresses both the brutalizing effect of sports on Christian femininity and its debilitating effects on Christian masculinity.

  2. Sounds interesting, True Blue.
    I played on my baseball, basketball, football and golf teams in junior and senior high but the closest I came to anything with a “religious” overtone was on the downhill racing team. Doing 60+ mph on a 40 degree incline can do that to ya! 🎿 😨

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