German Cardinal Warns KrautChurch From Becoming “Nationalekirche”

German Cardinal Warns KrautChurch From Becoming “Nationalekirche

[“Nationalekirche” means “national church” although it conjures the image of “Die Reichskirche” – the Nazi-era, pro-Nazi “ecumenical” Prot church! – AQ Tom] – 6/1/18

Cologne Cardinal Rainer Woelki has again raised objections against distributing Holy Communion to Protestants.

At the end of the Corpus Christi procession (May 31) he stressed that Communion for Prots is “a matter of life and death” as it is about Christ, the Church and the eternal life.

Woelki underlined that Germany is „not an island“, „We are not a national church. We are part of the large, universal Church.“

Many doubt that this is true. The disintegrating “Catholic” Church in Germany has very little in common, for instance, with the neighbouring Catholic Church in Poland.

Distributing Holy Communion to Protestants has been practiced in Germany for decades.

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