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The Crisis in the Church – Roots and Remedies

Message of Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, on the occasion of the conference on “The Roots of the Crisis in the Church,” Rome June 23, 2018.

This conference should prove most useful, for today it is imperative to trace the roots of the crisis in the Church. On the occasion of the publication last September of the Correctio filialis which I myself signed, I expressed the desire that “the debate concerning important questions be broadened, in order to reaffirm truths and condemn errors” (FSSPX.News 09/26/2017). Thus I whole-heartedly support the goal you have here set: “Rejecting these errors and returning, please God, to Catholic truth full and lived is the necessary precondition of the Church’s renaissance.” (Presentation at the seminar of June 23, 2018)
The Correspondence Between Cardinal Ottaviani and Archbishop Lefebvre read more

Justice Kennedy Resigns Edition! (Your Catholic Week in Review)

Justice Kennedy Resigns Edition! (Your Catholic Week in Review)

Michael Hichborn – 6/30/18

Back in 1989, it was Justice Anthony Kennedy who sided with the majority decision in Planned Parenthood vs Casey so as not to be remembered in history as the man who ended Roe v. Wade.  

Now after almost three decades and 32 million lives destroyed… Kennedy will now rightly (and sadly) be remembered as the man who did not end Roe tyranny in America.

32 million little hearts.  32 million little bones.  All broken and sold by the likes of Planned Parenthood in the name of research. read more

[FYI:] SSPX Deathwish[?]

[FYI:] SSPX Deathwish[?]

Submitted by Tradidi Admin on 29 June 2018

What is important is that there no longer be rejection in their hearts…gradually, we must expect further steps…like concelebration.” – Fr. Georges Cottier, after his triumph over Campos


On June 27, diocesan priest and retired US Navy chaplain, Fr. Kevin Cusick, announced the following on Twitter:

BREAKING: For the first time a SSPX priest joins annual @MilArchUSA discernment retreat for prospective active duty military chaplains.1 read more

The Fr. Phillips Case: What Will the Archdiocese do Now?


The Fr. Phillips Case: What Will the Archdiocese do Now?

Fr. Frank Phillips, Cardinal Raymond Burke and Deacon Kevin Mann, SJC in Rome, 2013

On March 17 of this year it was announced that Fr. Frank Phillips, pastor of St. John Cantius in Chicago and founder and superior of the associated order, the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius, had been removed from public ministry (and thus from his positions as pastor and superior) by Cardinal Blase Cupich, allegedly based on “credible accusations of improper conduct involving adult males.” (The more precise nature of these charges as well as the identities of the accusers has never been officially stated or released.) On June 23, after an investigation by the Congregation of the Resurrection (“Resurrectionists”) – where Fr. Phillips was ordained and with whom he was also still a member – the archdiocese of Chicago declined to reinstate Fr. Phillips and confirmed that his faculties for ministry would remain withdrawn. Though neither the investigation report itself nor any other details were publicly released, it is known that part of the recent decision was made against the recommendation of Resurrectionist Provincial Fr. Gene Szarek, based on the report and the results of the investigation. The contents of the report were said to have “exonerated” Fr. Phillips. read more

Official Apostasy: First German Diocese Introduces Communion for Prots

Official Apostasy: First German Diocese Introduces Communion for Prots – 6/30/18

Paderborn Archbishop Hans-Josef Becker is the first German bishop to officially introduce [heretical] intercommunion, that de facto was practiced for decades in Germany.

According to the Westfalenblatt (June 30), Becker told his priests that he expects them to act according to a heretical text which recently was published by the German bishops.

In “individual cases” [meaning: in all cases] the priests should [meaning: are obliged to] give Communion to Protestants, Becker told Westfalenblatt. read more

Anti-Christian violence in Nigeria could become another Rwanda, says bishop

Anti-Christian violence in Nigeria could become another Rwanda, says bishop

by John Pontifex – posted Friday, 29 Jun 2018

Addressing the international community, Bishop Avenya said: ‘Don’t wait for the genocide to happen before intervening’

A bishop in Nigeria has warned of the threat of genocide against Christians in the country’s middle belt region, describing an upsurge of violence by militant Fulani herdsmen as “ethnic cleansing”.

Bishop William Avenya of Gboko told Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) of growing fears amid reports that, so far this year, 492 people have died in Benue State, which has a Christian-majority population. read more

Filipino Bishops Speak about “Peace” – Priests [Apparently An “Endangered Species”] Apply For Firearms For Self-Defense

Filipino Bishops Speak about “Peace” – Priests [Apparently An “Endangered Species”] Apply For Firearms [For Self-Defense] – 6/30/18

188 Catholic priests have applied for permits to carry firearms in the Philippines, says national police chief, Oscar Albayalde according to

Requests for gun permits among priests have increased because of the murders of priests in the country, three in six months.

The police is ready to provide firearms proficiency and marksmanship training to priests.

In recent days, Bishops have claimed that priests [allegedly] do not need to carry firearms for their own protection or for self-defense. read more

Humanae Vitae 50 Years Later

FRIDAY, JUNE 29, 2018

Humanae Vitae 50 Years Later

On July 25, 1968, Humanae Vitae was promulgated by Pope Paul VI.  It is a reiteration of God’s timeless teachings regarding marriage, family, and the intrinsic evil of artificial conception.  As you read it, you might have trouble believing it was written 50 years ago, for it predicted great calamities that would befall society if contraception were ever accepted: abortion, degrading of women, rampant divorce, etc.  At that time these evils were not widespread; now they are rampant. Even 50 years ago, progressives were beginning to insinuate themselves in the priesthood and eventually wormed their way into the Vatican.  When Humanae Vitae was promulgated, they pulled all stops in trying to railroad this encyclical to irrelevance.  To a degree they succeeded for one rarely hears the truths found in Humanae Vitae proclaimed from the pulpit. That is why I was delighted to hear that Bishop Joseph Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler TX delivered the homily below and instructed his priests to read it during their masses this past Sunday, the Solemnity of the Birth of John the Baptist.  I pray that not only the Tyler diocese but all diocese across the Catholic world will proclaim this message far and wide.


No faithful priest or bishop can hide the homosexual clergy mafia any longer!

No faithful priest or bishop can hide the homosexual clergy mafia any longer!




Tell me, Fathers; how is it possible for you to go about your priestly life to serve Christ and His people, his Church and tolerate this filth? How many of you know with conclusive proof that the pastor in the next parish or the auxiliary bishop not only has the “objective disorder” of same-sex attraction but is “objectively disordered” because he acts out on them? How do you sit there and do nothing? What are you afraid of? read more

Paul Likoudis, Vindicated

Paul Likoudis, Vindicated


For years, Paul Likoudis, our late and beloved colleague at The Wanderer, chronicled the role of homosexuality in the crimes committed by clerics. Long before The Boston Globe published its “exposé” in early 2002, Paul reported on one instance after another of abuse and cover-up in chanceries nationwide. For his yeoman efforts, he was ridiculed, hectored, threatened, bullied, and, above all, studiously ignored whenever possible by one guilty bishop after another.
When The Globe’s series appeared in January 2002, the bishops could no longer persist in their obstinate denial. But they immediately insisted that they had the problem under control. “It’s over,” Auxiliary Bishop (now Vatican Cardinal) Kevin Farrell told the Knights of Malta in February 2002.
Payouts had been made, and appropriate action taken. That April, USCCB officials told the Vatican not to worry. Our bishops could handle the situation themselves, they insisted.
Days later, Pope John Paul summoned every American cardinal to the Vatican. He could have demanded serious changes, but he didn’t. Nor did he condemn the profound malfeasance of America’s hierarchy. Instead, he accepted the plaintive excuses that they had been repeating for years. They had been misled by “clinical experts” who thought that homosexual child rape was an illness, not a crime. It wasn’t their fault.
The sainted Pope took the American cardinals at their word. They had to do better, the Holy Father told them. And they went home.
Roger Cardinal Mahony attended that meeting with Pope St. John Paul. He returned to Los Angeles to spend a billion dollars of the faithful’s money to cover up for abuse and evading prosecution (he even insisted that priests’ personnel files were protected by the secrecy of the confessional!).
Not one of the American prelates offered his resignation. Nor did any demand the resignation of any of their colleagues in the bishops’ conference. In a curious aside, when asked about prospective reforms, the beleaguered USCCB President Bishop Wilton Gregory did tell the media in Rome that “it is an ongoing struggle to make sure the Catholic priesthood is not dominated by homosexual men.” But no one followed up on the question.
When the bishops met in Dallas that June, a special edition of The Dallas Morning News met them at the airport with a lengthy account indicating that well over half of them had enabled or covered up for abusers. Thus, when they issued their “Protection” charter, they exempted themselves on national TV and went home to circle the wagons. Not one quit (Cardinal Law, now deceased, fled to Rome).
When Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Neb., made a formal motion to investigate the causes of the scandals, his motion did not get a second from among the hundreds of bishops attending. Bishop Gregory’s comment was forgotten. read more

Understanding the War against the West

Understanding the War against the West

Written by  Dr. Boyd D. Cathey – 6/28/18

Boyd D. Cathey, a native North Carolinia, received an MA in history at the University of Virginia (as a Thomas Jefferson Fellow) and served as assistant to conservative author, Dr. Russell Kirk, in Mecosta, Michigan. Recipient of a Richard M. Weaver Fellowship, he completed his doctoral studies at the Catholic University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain. Then, after additional studies in philosophy and theology, he taught in both Connecticut and in Argentina, before returning to the United States. He served as State Registrar of the North Carolina State Archives, retiring in 2011. He is the author of various articles and studies published in several different languages about political matters, religion, and culture and the art

As we celebrate the 242nd anniversary of this nation’s declaration of independence from Great Britain, perhaps it is useful and productive to reflect on some issues that continue to deeply affect us as a country in 2018. read more

Persecution of nuns getting to be a new episcopal hobby? French Novus Ordo nuns get the FFI treatment.

Persecution of nuns getting to be a new episcopal hobby? French Novus Ordo nuns get the FFI treatment.

JUN 29, 2018

What do you think? Suspicious looking characters, right?

As I’m sure we all know, there’s nothing a bully likes more than an easy target. And if you’ve been in the Catholic Church more than five minutes you will understand how bishops are affected by the Vatican’s fine example.

These days, it seems if you are a canonically recognised religious community who wants to have things even a little bit more traditional, you can run, but apparently you cannot hide. Especially if your bishop is broke and you own a lot of property. Something the Petites Sœurs de Marie Mère du Rédempteur are finding out these days. read more

The “Uncle Teddy” McCarrick Case

The “Uncle Teddy” McCarrick Case

Randy Engel –  June 29, 2018 “Kingmaker,” Cardinal Francis Spellman, who ordained and/or consecrated many clerics among the sodomite ranks

“Kingmaker,” Francis Cardinal Spellman, who ordained and/or consecrated many clerics among the sodomite ranks



It’s been an “open secret,” for almost 100 years, that the American hierarchy has been plagued by homosexual/pederast predators within its ranks.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that the current debacle over the revelations of homosexual tricks turned over by Cardinal “call-me-Uncle Teddy” McCarrick has provided an albeit totally unexpected but welcome opportunity for the handful of decent prelates who still have their religious and moral miters on straight to demonstrate to the long-suffering Catholic laity that they are both willing and able to take the lead in  lancing and draining the infectious carbuncles of perversity and immorality that threaten the entire Body and Soul of the Catholic Church, not only in our nation, but around the world. read more

Cardinal Burke, No Holy Communion Without Catholic Faith

Cardinal Burke, No Holy Communion Without Catholic Faith – 6/30/18

Holy Communion may not be administered to non-Catholics, Cardinal Raymond Burke wrote to (June 28).

Burke stated that “sentimental considerations” are no basis for receiving Communion because “receiving Holy Communion means that you accept all that the Catholic Church teaches.”

Burke, who until 2014 led the Church High Court, called for a revision of the fuzzy canon 844 in Church Law.

This canon allows intercommunion in emergency situations like imminent death, “In such a case, once the emergency has passed, the question is why has the person not entered into the full communion of the Catholic Church.” read more