The collapse of Catholicism in Latin America

by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  •  May 31, 2018

Our Lady of Fatima warned in 1917 that Russia would spread her errors, and these errors are causing the Catholic Church in Latin America to collapse.

Following the apparitions of Our Lady at Guadalupe in 1531, the Catholic Church in Latin America thrived for four hundred years with Catholicism claiming nearly 100 percent of its population. Since 1970, however, these same Catholics have been facing a two-front war fomented by Communist Russia that caused tens of millions of Latin Americans to leave the Church for Pentecostal Christianity.

In 2015, an ex-communist spy from Romania, Ion Pacepa, explained what happened. In the interview, he recounts that the Russian secret service invented Liberation Theology in the late 1950s and imported it into Latin America to co-opt the Church into redirecting the Catholic mission of saving souls from sin and Hell to saving them from poverty and oppression.

Tainted by Liberation Theology, the Catholic Church in Latin America became a vehicle for pushing communist ideals, and the Church was greatly weakened. To combat this problem, President Ronald Reagan supported an effort to promote Pentecostalism in Latin America to draw people away from the communist-tainted Catholic clergy. This effort actually began at the behest of Nelson Rockefeller in 1969. It’s these churches that former Catholics in Latin America are joining.

Because of Communist Russia’s poison of Liberation Theology they injected into the Catholic Church in Latin America and the U.S.-backed antidote of Pentecostalism, the faith of Latin American Catholics is crumbling.

Watch the panel discuss the roots of social justice movement swamping the Church in The Download—Two-Front War Against the Faith.

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  1. I’d like to see independent corroboration of allegations of the Reagan / Rocky plot.
    Yes, it’s possible. But the linked article is from a prot blogger.

    • I cannot yet find an “independent corroboration of allegations of the Reagan / Rocky plot.” I am led from the allegation by the Prot blogger referenced by Church Militant (who by the way regards the Church Militant statement that liberation theology is solely a KGB invention as too simplistic an analysis of the situation) to the same allegation by a little-know left-wing Catholic blogger, who ascribes the allegation to the better-known left-winger Noam Chomsky of a quid-pro-quo agreement between Reagan and JP2 for the President to support the Pope in the overthrow of Communism in Poland and elsewhere in Eastern Europe through the Solidarity movement if the Pope remained quiet (other than slowly to replace – usually through retirement – liberation theology bishops with “conservative” ones) concerning the President’s support of Fundie-Prots in Latin America to wane Catholics away from their liberation theology religious leaders by conversion to those Fundie-Prot sects.
      At this point I do not wish to pursue the allegation any further – especially through Noam Chomsky’s extensive writings on the matter.

      • In his extremely well researched book “In the Murky Waters of Vatican II” Atila Sinke Guimaraes states that many consider the political theology of German Catholic theologian Johann Baptist Metz as being the main source of inspiration for the “so-called Theologies of Liberation, notwithstanding the efforts of a certain media to bestow an aura of originality on several South American theologians”.

  2. Thanks, Tom. I’ve been burned too often by convincing claims and allegations on the internet to put much stock in almost anything other than a hardcover book loaded with footnotes referencing verifiable independent sources.

  3. Thanks for the info, Juxta. The “Origins of Marxist LT” is on my list of “Stuff Upon Which I Gotta Update Myself One o’ These Days”.
    I’ve told my story about the day an LT Jebbie lectured at my Alma Mater. That was half a century ago.
    Although, it was obvious, even waaaaaay back then, that he was full o’ you-know-what.

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