After Legalizing Abortion, Ireland Now Wants to Ban Praying Outside Abortion Clinics

Less than a week after voting to repeal unborn babies’ rights in Ireland, pro-abortion politicians already are talking about ways to block pro-life advocates from reaching out to women outside abortion facilities.

The Irish Independent reports Health Minister Simon Harris, a strong abortion advocate during the campaign, proposed buffer zones to prohibit protests near future abortion facilities in Ireland.

Harris said the proposal would be included in the abortion legislation that is being considered by parliament.

While the killing of unborn babies is not allowed yet under the law, lawmakers already are talking about extending the summer session to push through abortion legislation. A proposal by government leaders would legalize abortion for any reason up to 12 weeks and for a number of reasons up to six months.

The proposal they are pushing is very extreme. The fear is Ireland’s abortion law will mirror Britain’s, where one in every five pregnancies there ends in abortion each year.

The buffer zone proposal is yet another way abortion activists could silence pro-lifers who want to provide pregnant women with information and support. During the referendum campaign, abortion activists and pro-abortion politicians repeatedly complained about pro-lifers using “graphic images” to harass and intimidate women. In many cases those graphic images were nothing more than images of unborn babies.

Buffer zones in America, England and Australia keep pro-lifers from reaching out to pregnant women in their greatest moment of need – just before entering an abortion facility. Sidewalk counselors offer these women information and support that they may otherwise not know about, including facts about their unborn baby’s development, resources available to them and more.


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2 comments on “After Legalizing Abortion, Ireland Now Wants to Ban Praying Outside Abortion Clinics

  1. There has been quite a lot of Catholic bashing in the aftermath. People want to understand “why” and what happened to Catholicism in Ireland. The truth is that the believing and practicing Catholics voted to protect the unborn. It is just that believing and practicing Catholics now constitute only around one third of the electorate in Ireland. There should be some soul searching to understand that and the process of secularization that is now underway. However, there should also be some reflection on Vatican II and the modernist movement in Vatican II. A lot of what has been going on involves modernism and the disorientation in the Church from it.

    People do bring up the corruption of the clergy and clergy scandals in defending their apostasy, unorthodoxy, and embrace of moral relativism. The pro-abortion forces used an emotivist propaganda campaign to promote their agenda. Unless you understand what that is and what is involved in that as propaganda and psychological warfare, the Malthusian cabals pushing the anti-life agenda of collective suicide will have their way, as they have in Britain and the U.S.

    Lucifer uses lies to get his way. That is why he uses weird secret societies and anti-Catholic chicanery to sneak in his rites, rituals, and ceremonies on to Catholic ground.

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