The Big Lie

What is it? That Catholics formed in the Faith before Vatican II and the institution of the “new Mass” are “outside the Church.” Those who stubbornly adhere to the doctrines and dogmas in effect in 1962 are now somehow the rigid, dogmatic prometheans castigated by Pope Francis and held in disdain by priests and bishops of the “newchurch” – the one invented in the minds of the liberal progressives at Vatican II.

But the lie is what it is, to coin a phrase, and it will stand as a testimony of how far the Church has fallen in less than half a century. We even have the prospects of married clergy and female priests and bishops on the horizon in the “newchurch” – not to mention open homosexuals promoting their obscene lifestyles in what formerly were “sacred places.”

In the meantime we soldier on – those of us who refuse to accept the novelties present in the “newchurch” and who accept as a badge of honor the title of rigid, dogmatic practitioners of the Faith handed down to us from Jesus and the apostles. After all, what has one to propose as a capstone to one’s life than the statement: “Traditional Roman Catholic.”

I call on all members of the Catholic Faith who truly are concerned with the Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell to flee from the “newchurch” and find a traditional Catholic church or chapel before it is too late.

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