Utrecht, Netherlands, Archdiocese Will Close Down Its Cathedral

Utrecht, Netherlands, Archdiocese Will Close Down Its Cathedral

[From medieval Carmelite/Knights Hospitallers residence to Prot church (seized during the Reformation) to Catholic Cathedral (bought from the Prots after the 19th-century restoration of the Catholic hierarchy) and soon to be sold (not seized) as a museum (or mosque?)! – AQ Tom)]
en.news – 5/29/18

The parish-council of St. Catherine Cathedral in Utrecht, Netherlands, will ask Utrecht Cardinal Willem Eijk to allow the sale of the ancient church.

Usually the cardinal agrees with such requests if the parish’s reasoning is sound, according to the blog In Caelo et in Terra (May 28).

The parish is facing an annual deficit of more than 400.000 euros, with building maintenance costs as one of the major posts. The cathedral is owned by the parish.

St. Catherine was a Protestant church which in 1842 was handed over to the newly-established archdiocese.

Most likely the new cathedral will be the church of Saint Augustine, another church on the territory of the parish which is cheaper to keep.

The Catharijneconvent museum which owns the former convent buildings adjacent to the cathedral, is a possible buyer.

After Second Vatican Council, the Dutch Church which was very strong, quickly collapsed with over 1000 churches sold only in the last 10 years.

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