What the Church Must Learn From the Hideous Irish Referendum

What the Church Must Learn From the Hideous Irish Referendum

en.news – 5/28/18

On May 25 a referendum introduced killing unborn babies in Ireland. [British Latin Mass Society Chairman] Joseph Shaw calls this on LMSChairman.org (May 27) a “hideous, painful, and morally outrageous event”.

According to him, the best use we can make out of this is public repentance, “It is a truism to say that penance is undervalued in the Church today.”

Shaw suggests introducing the versicle “Parce, Domine, parce populo tuo, et ne in aeternum irascaris nobis (Spare, O Lord, spare thy people, and be not angry with us forever)” [which the pre-Conciliar books permit and encourage after the Collect ‘Deus qui nobis’ (‘O God, who in this wonderful Sacrament…’) and before the Benediction itself] and to celebrate public Masses a year in reparation for abortion and other manifestations of the “culture” of death.

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6 comments on “What the Church Must Learn From the Hideous Irish Referendum

  1. There will be a great deal of discussion and debate over the causes of what happened and the state of Catholicism in Ireland. There is an issue regarding modernism democracy itself should be addressed. Where does the idea come from that whether it should be legally permissible to abort a child is something which should be put to a vote? Should all of the Ten Commandments be put to a vote to see how even the degenerate, morally decadent, and morons feel about them?

  2. Who will be ready to have this discussion about modern democracy? Is this how serious moral debates should be resolved? By opinion polls and democratic votes?

    On the other hand, one third may not be that far off in terms of who will escape damnation.

  3. My thoughts exactly! For too long the Church refused to condemn democracy as intrinsically evil. It should be done. The problem has been that “democracy” meant different things to different people. But we cannot keep defining it ambiguously. When we speak of Democracy just because the Greeks or others understood it in one way long ago, it is clear that we are referring to Democracy as a revolutionary Enlightenment political system. It is a dictatorship of the comforts and conveniences of the individuals and communities over true Reason and correctly understood Love.

  4. The government prefect turns to the people and asks in referendum: “Whom shall we crucify. Your King [the innocent] or The Criminal [ those who rob, steal, cheat, murder and take sell or use drugs and criminals to be released or pardoned because it disproportionalely hits certain peoples and mobs from certain ethnic or cultural groups more]?” The crowd responded “we have no king:”
    This is implicit biblical proof of God’s condemnation of Democracy. It is a teaching moment that the Church needs to develop more theologically, that has never been done, but must.

  5. Modern democracy was already a wild satire out of Aristophanes, at least in the U.S. where degenerate crazies like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton are allowed to hold political office by law.

    Democracy becomes a serious problem when the society falls into moral decadence, depravity, and barbarism. The very idea of putting the question about abortion to a popular vote is itself a symptom of such moral decadence.

    Anyone who thinks he or she can be a Catholic and support abortion, guess again. Of those who voted to legalize abortion they automatically excommunicated themselves latae sententiae. Bishops who fail to enforce that on pro-abortion politicians and celebrities betray the unborn and their faith.

    Just because a bunch of liberals, apostates, moral relativists, and decadent morons voted to legalize abortion in civil law does not mean that the penalties of divine law have somehow been changed or transcended. You are all damned now if you persist in this grave moral crime. It’s a crime. It’s not just like some minor sin where you can confess and get all better. No, you’re excommunicated. Damned.

    Bono is going to look very stupid with those queer earrings in Hell.

  6. And then the sins are multiplied as the anti-child cancer spreads:
    Anglican apostates celebrate Ireland’s modest proposal.


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