Remember: Every single Irish political party campaigned for abortion

Remember: Every single Irish political party campaigned for abortion

[Two Irish parliament members, Mr. Peadar Tóibín and Carol Nolan, were suspended by their party, Sinn Féin, for voting against “policy” on the referendum, i.e., publicly advocating a “no” (pro-life) vote! – AQ Tom] 

May 28, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – As I predicted in my eulogy for pro-life Ireland on Saturday, the autopsies—both mournful and gleeful—are spilling onto the pages of newspapers across the West. But one staggering fact is being consistently ignored: Every single political party in the Republic of Ireland campaigned for abortion on demand. Right across the country, signs with the faces of politicians and an enormous “YES” hung on sign-posts. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, who ran on a pro-life platform with a long history of very pro-life statements, released an emotive video just before the vote urging people to check the box for “Yes.” And Health Minister Simon Harris (who also campaigned for office as a pro-lifer) plugged for abortion like his life depended on it. As Melanie McDonough noted in The Spectator, it is almost surprising that the pro-life side managed to secure more than a third of the population considering that they had no political representation whatsoever.

And so the question is why? Why did politicians who campaigned on pro-life platforms—and in the case of Leo Varadkar, gone on the record in the past as a medical professional explaining how lethal and damaging abortion is—all simultaneously flip and become abortion activists? And why did they become so passionate about “modernizing” Ireland and bringing feticide to the Emerald Isle so suddenly? Was it their plan all along? Were they paid off by those in the international abortion industry who stand to profit enormously from the “Yes” vote on Friday? All of these have an element of truth to them.

But to understand why Ireland’s politicians turned on Ireland’s pre-born children so decisively, look no farther than the reactions of foreign politicians to Friday’s “Yes” vote. UK Prime Minister Theresa May, the leader of Great Britain’s pathetic Tory party, called the choice an “impressive show of democracy” and congratulated “the Irish people on their decision and all of #Together4Yes on their successful campaign.” Anyone think she would have tweeted her congratulations if the “No” side had prevailed? Of course not. Leaders of countries with liberal abortion regimes around the world were waiting with bated breath, hoping against hope that Ireland would join them in the bloody business of offing their offspring. Misery loves company, after all.

The simple fact is that Leo Varadkar and his crew desperately wanted the approval of the European and progressive elites. Varadkar has been mocked for attempting to imitate Canada’s abortion-obsessed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, even sporting silly socks in an attempt to be hip (one news outlet actually compiled a list of “11 times Leo Varadkar really tried to be like Justin Trudeau.”) But unfortunately for Varadkar, he could never really be accepted at the cool kids’ table at Davos until he rectified the mortifying fact that Ireland did not permit the killing of babies in the womb. To the progressive elites, Varadkar was the leader of a medieval country that had not yet caught up to them, and Varadkar was frankly embarrassed of Ireland when he was jogging with Justin and sipping champagne with the EU bigwigs.

Trudeau took advantage of that fact, as well, urging Varadkar last yearto legalize abortion. “On the issue of reproductive rights,” Trudeau somberly told the media, “I shared our perspective that such rights are integral to women’s rights and they are human rights and I asked him to look at it as a fundamental human right and we had a good discussion.” Varadkar was once pro-life, but he has morphed into a man that would make his pal Justin proud—as the results of the referendum came in, he stood with other politicians at Dublin castle, waving proudly to a celebratory shrieking crowd like it was a Royal Wedding rather than the start of a Herodian massacre. Justin Trudeau had just tweeted him, writing, “What a moment for democracy and women’s rights. Tonight, I spoke with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and his team and congratulated them on the Yes Side’s referendum legalizing abortion in Ireland.” How grand, Varadkar must have been thinking. Finally, they’ll let me sit at the cool kids’ table.

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3 comments on “Remember: Every single Irish political party campaigned for abortion

  1. [More details on the Irish “trahison des politiciens (treason of the politicians)”]
    From Former Irish presidential candidate: Why I’m voting No to abortion in my country (Dana Rosemary Scallon – LifeSiteNews):
    Tragically abortion on demand appears to be the intention of Irish Party leaders and Government Ministers. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Tanaiste Simon Coveney and Minister for Health, Simon Harris, publicly stated their pro-life positions in the Irish 2013 general election. Minister Harris, along with then Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, gave their personal commitments not to legislate for abortion.
    This was obviously a lie.
    Minister for Children, Katherine Zappone, has called for repeal of the 8th and for abortion legalisation to enable “legal and freely available abortion”. I think you’ll agree this is an astonishing statement from a Minister for Children.
    As well as being a politician, Taoiseach Varadkar is a medical doctor. He knows what will happen to both the mother and the defenceless baby in her womb as he has publicly stated that legalising abortion not only ends the life of the unborn, but it also puts women at risk, “ as a woman can die as a result of a termination, can be injured or even lose their fertility”.
    Micheal Martin, the leader of Fianna Fáil, the main opposition party, presides over the dismantling of the Irish Constitution and gives his total support to abortion on demand. Labour and Sinn Fein, the shifting sands of Irish politics, are united in their desire for the removal of the only Constitutional and legal protection available to the unborn child in Ireland.
    Why this dramatic political about-turn by so many Oireachtas members?
    There is, of course, the usual long-standing pressures from the EU, the UN, as well as a well-funded and powerful lobby in the world-wide multi-billion dollar abortion industry. Perhaps, however, the answer lies closer to home; is it not true that pro-abortion feminists both inside and outside Leinster House and in the media are bullying anyone, including TDs and Senators into submission and silence?

  2. I remain concerned that Trudeau is the biological son of Fidel Castro. The “birth mama” (a/k/a Canada’s former First Lady) and Castro had quite a mutual admiration society back in the halcyon days of Pierre’s Potemkin Prime Ministership. And side-by-side photos of Justin and a youthful, beardless Fidel are quite compelling. Just sayin’…

  3. It is true that bad priests and bad Catholics paved the way for weakening the Church’s opposition to abortion in Ireland, but the extent to which Father Longennutter delights in gloating about how superior his Protestant style of Catholicism is to cradle Catholics shows that he can barely contain his anti-Catholic feelings from his Jack Chick days. It is a terrible calumny to slander the Catholics who have held true to the faith through Vatican II and all the craziness of modernism. Or those among us who opposed the first liberalization of abortion laws. Slandering them because you’re jealous is not priestly (at least for actual Catholic priests).

    The conclusion of the pro-abortion syllogism seems to be this: “We were beaten by perverts in the Christian Brothers so let’s kill the unborn to thumb our nose at the Church.” That’s the kind of logic coming from apostates who get drunk on Good Friday. Or the idiots who smile for being pro-abortion at cameras while marching in St. Patrick’s Day Parades. There is a madness and insanity to this kind of giddy pro-abortionism which comes straight from Hell.

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