Cardinal Elect Becciu: Promoted in Order to Be (Re)moved

Cardinal Elect Becciu: Promoted in Order to Be (Re)moved – 5/22 and 5/27/18

Last Sunday, Pope Francis announced the creation of 14 new cardinals on June 29. One of the chosen is Archbishop Giovanni Becciu, the second man in the Vatican Secretariat of State.

Becciu Is an Italian who belongs to the Focolare movement.

In the past, Becciu has been used by Francis and others to bring people “into line” in a way in which politics are more important than truth and justice.

Not surprisingly Becciu told (May 20) that he will be a Cardinal of “total loyalty” to Francis [he didn’t mention Christ].

The fact that Becciu will become a Cardinal may also be a promotion in order to remove him because in his present position he has been in conflict with his boss, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Archbishop Giovanni Angelo Becciu who is on Pope Francis’ list of new Cardinals, has been named as the new Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. He will take over in September.

Becciu, known as a blind follower of Francis, is currently the second man in the Vatican Secretariat of State but according to rumours he is in conflict with his boss, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Becciu will continue as Special Delegate to the [formerly] Sovereign Order of Malta although Cardinal Raymond Burke is the Order’s Patron.

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3 comments on “Cardinal Elect Becciu: Promoted in Order to Be (Re)moved

  1. It’s like reading Pravda in the 1960s, isn’t it? Can’t wait to see which new Marxist icon gets Becciu’s nod for the next fake halo. Come to think, Fidel did sit in a Jesuit classroom once upon a time, so…

    • Unless Cardinal Muller’s favorite liberation theologian, 90-year old Father Gustavo Gutierrez, kicks the bucket and gets there first (i.e., to canonization), Jesuit-educated Fidel Castro and Argentine-born Che Guevara could be Cardinal-/saintmaker-designate Becciu’s next (actually first) Marxist idols to get “halos” from him and be designated as co-patrons of liberation theology.
      Fidel attended three Jesuit institutions: Colegio Lasalle and Colegio Dolores (“Colegio” – Spanish for “college” – is actually a high school or junior college), and then a Jesuit university for “preparatory” studies (actually a “general studies” program) at Colegio Belen, after which he went to law school. – Cuba Heritage: Fidel Castro
      Once when talking about Che Guevara, [Fidel] said: “If Che had been a Catholic, if Che had belonged to the church, he would probably have been made a saint, for he had all the virtues.” – Castro confesses to Jesuit ethics while eschewing religious belief [and praises Che Guevara as having all the virtues of a saint]

  2. Obviously, Fidel’s theological acumen would have garnered for him a position with the Congregation for the Cause of Saints (and Ain’ts) had he preferred studying casuistry to plucking chickens in costly foreign hotel suites and organizing firing squads when back home.

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