Plagiarizing Roe v. Wade?

Plagiarizing Roe v. Wade?

Is the Irish Government’s Proposed Abortion Legislation Plagiarizing the US Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade Abortion Decision?

From Voters in Ireland pave way for abortion on demand – by Michael Kelly – Catholic News Service – 5.26.2018:

Minister for Health Simon Harris has said he would introduce legislation that would allow abortion on demand up to 12 weeks, up to 24 weeks on unspecified grounds for the health of the mother, and up to birth where the child is diagnosed with a life-limiting condition that means he or she may not live long after birth.

That sounds similar to Roe v. Wade’s trimester concept for abortions:

In its decision, the [Supreme] Court used the three trimester framework of pregnancy. During the first trimester an abortion was safer for the mother than childbirth. The reasoning was that the decision whether to get an abortion at this stage should be left up to the mother to decide. Any law that interfered with abortions in the first trimester would be presumed to be unconstitutional. During the second trimester laws could regulate abortion only to protect the health of the mother. During the third trimester the unborn child was viable (able to live on its own outside the mother’s womb). So laws could restrict or prohibit abortions except in cases where it was necessary to preserve the mother’s health. This doctrine stood until 1992. – Wikipedia

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