Cardinal Müller Defends Left-Wing “Liberation Theology”

Cardinal Müller Defends Left-Wing “Liberation Theology”

[“Back to his old ways”] – 5/26/18

Cardinal Gerhard Müller has claimed that the [left-wing and modernistic] liberation theology remains important especially in Latin America.

Müller is a personal friend of the anti-Catholic theologian Father Gustavo Gutierrez who turnes 90 on Juni 8. Peru-born Gutierrez is considered one of the fathers of liberation theology.

Talking to (May 25) Müller claimed that the Church has to speak against “exploitation, oppression and attacks on human dignity”.

In big parts of Latin America, liberation theology has secularized the Church and, de facto, turned it into a left-wing political party.

As a consequence huge sectors of society have converted to Protestant sects because a politicizing Church is unable or unwilling to satisfy their spiritual needs.

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