Saginaw, Michigan Diocese: A hotbed of homo-clerical practitioners and predators!

Saginaw, Michigan Diocese: A hotbed of homo-clerical practitioners and predators!

With the current and previous bishops (Cistone, Carlson, Untener …) complicit in the ordination, promotion and/or coverup of such clerics!

From Church Militant:


by Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D.  •   May 23, 2018

Deacon Jerome Green’s faculties removed

SAGINAW, Mich. ( – A Michigan cleric’s ordination to the priesthood is being called off over a sex abuse allegation.

Jerome Green

Bishop Joseph Cistone of the Saginaw diocese sent an internal email Thursday announcing he is canceling the ordination of Deacon Jerome Green, pastoral administrator at St. Vincent de Paul parish. Green’s faculties have been suspended, and he is being relieved of his duties at the parish.

“Deacon Green has been relieved of his duties as Pastoral Administrator of St. Vincent DePaul Parish, Shepherd; and his faculties to minister as a deacon have been suspended while the matter is pursued,” the letter reads.

The letter refers to “some unresolved issues dealing with a time before his coming to the Diocese of Saginaw.” Reliable inside sources say this refers to a sex abuse allegation from Detroit. Further details remain unknown.

Ordained to the diaconate less than a year ago, Green had been slated for priestly ordination on June 1, in spite of the fact that he had never graduated from seminary. In another unusual move, he was going to be immediately named pastor of two parishes — St. Elizabeth of Hungary Parish in Reese and St. Frances Cabrini Parish in Vassar — an uncommon step for the newly ordained, who are often first assigned a more temporary role.

Church Militant reported March 19 that Green is allegedly in a gay relationship with Fr. James Bessert, Director of Liturgy and a powerful official in the diocese. Sources claim his relationship with Bessert explains the favoritism shown in Green’s initial ordination and immediate pastoral assignments. Neither Bessert nor Green have publicly confirmed or denied the allegations.

The Saginaw diocese is currently under criminal investigation for potential sex abuse cover-up, after 71-year-old priest Fr. Robert DeLand was arrested in February on charges of sexual assault of a male minor. A total of three male accusers have since taken the stand to testify against DeLand.

Green at his June 2017 ordination to the diaconate

Inside sources claim Cistone and others have been long aware of DeLand’s sexual misconduct but has turned a blind eye. The criminal investigation led to raids on Cistone’s home — where law enforcement seized his cell phone, laptop, ipad and other electronics — as well as on the cathedral rectory and chancery. Sources also confirm trash bags full of shredded documents were found during the chancery raid.

In April, the bishop announced the appointment of an independent delegate to handle all matters related to the investigation. Judge Michael Talbot, a Catholic who has chaired the Detroit archdiocese’s sex abuse review board for 16 years, is to be the point of contact for law enforcement and media. As of this report, however, the Saginaw diocese has provided no contact information for Talbot anywhere on its website.

Church Militant sent a request to the diocesan communications department for contact information for Talbot, but received no response.

Talbot has assured the public he would report all allegations of sex abuse of minors immediately to law enforcement. Church Militant confirmed with the prosecutor’s office, however, that it was unaware of any reports of the sex abuse complaint against Green. The age of the alleged victim has not been revealed.

Deacon Green never returned a request for comment, and Fr. Frederick Kawka, sacramental minister at St. Vincent de Paul, responded to Church Militant’s media query by simply writing “Mind your own business!” As of press time, the Saginaw diocesan website still has the announcement of Green’s June 1 ordination.



by Christine Niles, M.St. (Oxon.), J.D.  •  March 19, 2018

Fr. James Bessert allegedly hid the crime and lied to protect the diocese

SAGINAW, Mich. ( – In the midst of a widening sex abuse probe and a federal lawsuit, the Saginaw diocese is now suspected of covering up sexual assault from 2009.

Fr. James W. Bessert with school children

According to reliable sources, Fr. James Bessert, director of liturgy for the diocese of Saginaw, Michigan, helped orchestrate a cover-up after Troy Yaklin, a maintenance man, reported he was sexually assaulted at Mary of the Assumption Cathedral in July 2009. Bessert was rector of the cathedral at the time.

According to the victim, he was sexually assaulted by Deacon Juan Ignacio Velasquez, a candidate for the priesthood and someone who lived in the rectory with Bessert. In a 2010 ABC12 report, Yaklin claimed that “on July 3, he was sat on, groped and kissed by a Deacon in the rectory.”

Yaklin confirmed with Church Militant that the deacon straddled him and “tried to shove his tongue down my throat.” Yaklin rebuffed the deacon’s advances and reported the assault to the diocese.

Mary of the Assumption Cathedral, Saginaw, MI

Two weeks later, he received a call from Bessert. “About 11:30 p.m. at night, Father Jim Bessert called me and asked me what is going on, and I laid it out for him,” Yaklin told ABC12.

The next day, Yaklin was suspended without pay. The diocese launched an investigation, but according to inside sources, instead of looking into the deacon’s behavior, it investigated Yaklin. The deacon had changed the story around, claiming it was Yaklin who committed the assault.

Rectory of Saginaw Cathedral

“He was lying,” Yaklin said. After Bessert backed the deacon’s claims, Yaklin ended up losing his job as well as his reputation.

“They humiliated me and shamed me,” Yaklin told Church Militant. “I lost my job, I lost my friends, I lost everything I had; I almost lost my faith.” Yaklin admits he has not been back to church since the 2009 incident.

Mysteriously, the diocese sent the deacon away to South America soon after, where he went on to be ordained a priest in 2011 for the Messengers of Peace, a religious community founded by Abp. Robert Carlson of St. Louis, Missouri, previously bishop of Saginaw.

Fr. Robert DeLand,

Saginaw priest arrested in February

for sexually assaulting a minor

Bessert also abruptly resigned as rector of the cathedral in fall 2009. Multiple sources confirm Bessert’s resignation was occasioned by another scandal at the cathedral: a drug-fueled homosexual orgy thrown by Bessert in the cathedral rectory.

When Bp. Cistone (installed in June of that year) learned about it, Bessert was forced to step down as rector. The matter was kept quiet, the public only being told he was leaving for reasons of “personal health.”

“Father Bessert asked to meet with me and requested that he be relieved of his position as Rector of the Cathedral,” reads a November 2009 newsletter issued by Cistone. “Also, at his request, I have granted Father Bessert a period of time for personal health leave.”

St. John Vianney Treatment Center, Downington, PA

Inside sources confirm Bessert spent six months at the St. John Vianney Center in Downington, Pennsylvania, a treatment center for clergy. In spite of the scandal at the cathedral and the alleged cover-up of sexual assault, Bessert was allowed to return to Saginaw and was named chaplain for the St. Francis Nursing Home.

Since that time he has held various positions, including his current high-ranking position as Director of Liturgy for the diocese. He also serves as diocesan chaplain to the Knights of Columbus and as sacramental minister at St. John Paul II Parish. (The immediate predecessor of St. John Paul II Parish was Fr. Ronald J. Dombrowksi, suspended from priestly ministry Saturday over claims of sexual abuse of a minor.)

Inside sources confirm Bessert is in a longtime homosexual relationship with Deacon Jerome Greenat St. Vincent de Paul parish, who is slated to be ordained a priest by Bp. Cistone this year.

Church Militant contacted Bessert for comment, but as of press time received no response.

Bishop Cistone and the Saginaw diocese are currently under investigation by police for allegedly covering up sex abuse of multiple clergy. Cistone and the diocese have also been sued in federal court by the 17-year-old male victim of Fr. Robert DeLand, recently arrested for sexual assault and charged with criminal sexual misconduct and gross indecency. DeLand is currently awaiting trial.

A 2005 grand jury report found that Cistone was actively involved in covering up priestly abuse in Philadelphia when he worked as a chancery official under Cdl. Anthony J. Bevilacqua. The statutes of limitations had run out on the accused priests, and thus Cistone was never criminally charged for helping in the cover-up.



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