Catholic youth issue their own pre-Synod text: Proclaim truth ‘without apology’

Catholic youth issue their own pre-Synod text: Proclaim truth ‘without apology’

[By authentic Catholic youth – not by un-/anti-Catholic youth and NuVatican bureaucrats masquerading as such! – AQ Tom] 

Claire Chretien

May 21, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – On Sunday, group of Catholic youth released a response to the “pre-synod” document that has been given to Pope Francis, explaining in it they want “reverence in the liturgy,” wider availability of the Traditional Latin Mass, and for the Church to proclaim unpopular truths “boldly, without apology, and without adulteration or dilution.”

“I hope to see this document start an authentic, accurate dialogue about the wants and needs of the young church that can have a positive and lasting impact upon the Catholic Church as a whole,” Connor McLaughlin, a 20-year-old spearheading the initiative, told LifeSiteNews.

“We do not desire any watering down [or] alterations to the teachings of the Church,” says the document, which was prepared by orthodox young people concerned their participation in “pre-synod” discussions via Vatican-sanctioned Facebook groups was ignored.

“We reject utterly the notion that the Church needs to change her teaching to accommodate the world,” the youth wrote. “We desire that the Church fulfils her charism of teaching, preaching the truth boldly, unashamedly, and without redaction even if it means we are rejected by the world. The Church is not a Facebook page trying to get as many likes as possible by being ‘modern’ or ‘trendy;’ it is the teacher of truth.”

“The surest way to damage or even destroy the faith of young people is by promulgating a disingenuous or misguided alteration of the truth in a bid for popularity,” they continued. “We desire the Church to be popular, as we desire all to know the love of Christ. However, if the choice is between popularity and authenticity, we choose authenticity.”

“It is of utmost importance that the Church be a ‘light [which] shines in the darkness’ rather than a receptacle for the failures of the world,” the three-section document says. “The Church must inform the culture rather than the culture informing the Church.”

“The Holy Catholic Church has survived the threats and persecutions levied against Her by countless societies, emperors, kings, and governments; She has done this through holding fast to the rock upon which she was founded, the pillar of truth given by Christ at Her institution. We must not submit ourselves to the sinfulness of the modern era. The prince of this world, satan, desires nothing more than to have Christ’s mystical body bow down to his commands and ingest his wicked lies. We must stand strong against the forces demanding that we change our doctrine and our faith in order to be ‘relevant’ to modern man.”

Organizers say a second part of the document is forthcoming.

They do not want to be heard “as voices raised in chorus against the Church or against the Pre-Synod Meeting or English Language Group, but as faithful sons and daughters, speaking humbly and more fully on these topics which are near and dear to our hearts,” they concluded. “We express our abiding gratitude to Our Holy Father and the organizers and participants of the Pre-Synod and Synod Meeting, for without these people we would have no occasion to be heard. We submit this document and its forthcoming sister document once again to the care of our Blessed Mother as we offer it to the scrutiny of the Synod Fathers and the wider Catholic community.”

LifeSiteNews presents a full copy of the document at

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2 comments on “Catholic youth issue their own pre-Synod text: Proclaim truth ‘without apology’

  1. You go, boys and girls. Those of us who grew up in the midst of Vat II and the ensuing insanity applaud your efforts.
    However, we would like to make some perhaps useful points.
    1) The fact that you are concerned that you will be heard as “voices raised in chorus against the Church” seems to contrast rather grotesquely with the fact that you are simply standing with Tradition. I DO hope you are aware that it is utterly IMPOSSIBLE to stand with Tradition, and at the same time be against the Church. I DO hope you realize that the Church is not the same thing as the hierarchy of the Church, or some other members of the Church here or there.
    2) Given that the wayward hierarchy is not the Church, I’d suggest that you not be scrupulous about speaking against the Pre-Synod Meeting or English Language Group. Since they are not the Church, and since we have already seen more than sufficient evidence that this Youth Synod is just going to be a replay of the Robber Synod on the Family, which was rigged by anti-Catholic Modernists (inlcuding the present pope), the preparations for the Youth Synod as a whole need to be most ruthlessly exposed and vociferously lambasted as the treason against Christ which they are. And as the most effective exposition of the fraud which the hierarchy is perpretrating will come from those very people that the hierarchy pretends to be serving — to whit, the youth — I strongly suggest that you engage full tilt in the exposition.
    3) I hope that you are speaking tongue in cheek when you say “[we] express our abiding gratitude to Our Holy Father and the organizers and participants of the Pre-Synod and Synod Meeting, for without these people we would have no occasion to be heard”.
    After all, it is not exactly something to be grateful for when evil or foolish people are plotting the destruction of society and the Church.
    Hence the necessity of speaking up in response to such evil is not something to be grateful for either.

  2. Excellent! May God bless these youngsters!

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