A good segment of our young people pride themselves on being “logical” to the extent that they defy any sort of belief in spiritual things – especially belief in a God who created the universe and keeps it in existence and Who rewards the Good and Punishes the Evil. They say there is no “life after death” and that when a person dies he/she is thrust into the unknown – ever to be forgotten in the dark pages of human history. Human Life, they claim, came from something like the “Big-Bang” Theory of planetary dynamics.

Despite clear-cut evidence in Holy Scripture of the Life, Death and Passion of Jesus Christ, God the Incarnate, they prefer to ignore the obvious, i.e., they are living in a alternate universe where “anything goes.” They will find out one day that they are living a lie for Life without God is Life without virtue, without love, without concern for their neighbor, without, indeed, concern for their own future.

There have been in History people with incredible intellects – all the way from Plato and Aristotle to Saints Thomas Aquinas and Augustine who prove the mode of thinking of modern-day intellectuals, borne of modernism and nihilism, is pure hogwash but still these modernists cling to their “bonehead logic” nevertheless. They need our prayers that they may see the Light that is Christ.

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One comment on “BONEHEAD LOGIC!!

  1. To paraphrase Chesterton: An insane person is not one who has lost his reason, he is one who has nothing but reason.
    In other words, a kook’s logic is often fine…but he charges ahead to his conclusions before he has all the needed DATA.
    Your logic may be perfect, but if your premisses are false (because your view is too narrow and uninformed), so is your reasoning, and you make yourself a kook.
    It’s said God is all-good, and almighty.
    But there is obviously much evil in the world.
    If God were all-good, he wouldn’t want evil in the world.
    And if God were almighty, he would be able to prevent it.
    But God clearly does not prevent evil in the world.
    Therefore, God is either not all-good, and/or he is not almighty.
    And therefore, an all-good and almighty God does not exist.
    The logic is fine. It simply leaves out many very relevant facts. The most fundamental fact that this line of thought leaves out is the *reason* why God created the world in the first place.
    It was NOT so that you, O Arrogant Atheist Fool, would be infallibly happy.
    It was not so that *any* mere individual Man would be infallibly happy… as if any mere individual man’s happiness were to be preferred over the good of the universe as a whole — or over the good of God Himself. It was NOT so that no evil at all would exist.
    It was so that the greatest possible good would exist. It was so that the glory of ALL of God’s perfection and wisdom and goodness would show forth as greatly as possible, through ALL His creation. It just so happens that the greatest possible good requires the existence of some evil. (Why that is so requires another explanation which I won’t give here.)
    In scholastic terms, the logic is formally correct, but materially…um…retarded.

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