Homophobia Does Not Exist, Is Totalitarian Invention, Cardinal Müller

Homophobia Does Not Exist, Is Totalitarian Invention, Cardinal Müller
 en.news – 5/20/18

„Homophobia simply does not exist“, said Cardinal Gerhard Müller.

Talking to the Italian journalist Costanza Miriano on her blog costanzamiriano.com (May 17), Müller rather pointed out that homophobia is “an invention and an instrument” to dominate the thinking of others.

He compared the homosexual ideology with totalitarian regimes like National Socialism or Communism that used to put dissenters into psychiatric clinics.

Further, Müller expressed his regret that some bishops lack the courage to speack the truth about homosexuality, “They do not understand that ‘homophobia’ is a deception to threaten people.”

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5 comments on “Homophobia Does Not Exist, Is Totalitarian Invention, Cardinal Müller

  1. Jawohl! The Cardinal has a few extra-base hits, lately. Keep crowding the plate and defying the pitcher, your Eminence!

    • “Donnerwetter (golly or gosh)!” would be a lead-in, and
      “The Cardinal” and “Your Eminence” would be better in German respectively as “Herr Kardinal” and “Deine Eminenz.”

      • Danke sehr! It’s been 50+ years since my last HS German class, which I took only because Fraulein Mullenhoff was sehr ziemlich!

        • My formal study of German does not go back that far but far enough: A one-year reading course in an evening college program to help me in my work. Nonetheless, my knowledge of the word “Donnerwetter” goes back further: To the 1950s’ reading the BlackHawk comic book – specifically the German member of the team, Hans Henderson, who frequently used that word. “Herr” rather than “Die” in mentioning or addressing a German person by his title (such as “Herr Baron”) in movies and on TV, and the form of address of a Church dignitary in his native language (such as “Deine Eminenz,” “Tua Eminenza” or “Votre Éminence” for a Cardinal).

  2. Come to think of it, no wonder my background is so confused. I selected classes mainly because some cute babe was taking it! I may have ruined a great career in astrophysics or law or who knows what? before it had a chance!
    Although, short term, I did convince two of those young ladies to go out with me. But still… 😱
    Flashbacks can be very irritating! 😎

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